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HVG-2020A vacuum gauge by Teledyne Hastings offers analog, digital output
October 20, 2021 by Durham Instruments

Teledyne Hastings test and measurement equipment is available via the Durham Instruments inventory of industrial solutions – such as the innovative HVG-2020A vacuum gauge. This highly flexible digital device serves as a media-isolated,…

HBM torque transducer offers high precision, robustness, and reproducible results
October 13, 2021 by Durham Instruments

Durham Instruments supplies a wide lineup of innovative solutions by HBM Test and Measurement to the Canadian market. For example, the unique T40B torque transducer is trusted for top static and dynamic torque…

Control cables from Bergen suit precise transmission of mechanical motion
October 13, 2021 by Bergen Cable Technology, Inc

Bergen Cable has provided an unmatched range of workplace cable options for almost 80 years, cementing its place as a leading international cable supplier. Among the most popular solutions available are lanyards, miniature…

Submersible-pump station helps trailer park collect wastewater and deliver it
October 6, 2021 by John Brooks Company Limited

John Brooks Company Limited backs its reputation with a long history of customer success stories. In one case, a trailer park was looking to install a new wastewater collection system designed around a…

Permanent magnet shaker by Brüel & Kjær suits many applications
October 6, 2021 by Durham Instruments

Brüel & Kjær manufactures many world-class measurement tools that are available in Canada via Durham Instruments – such as the LDS V406 permanent magnet shaker. This product is a common choice for general…

HBM standalone data recorder provides high sample rates and more
September 16, 2021 by Durham Instruments

Durham Instruments is the key Canadian source of world-class industrial solutions by HBM Test and Measurement. One example: the unique QuantumX CX22B-W standalone data recorder. This reliable unit collects, analyzes, and stores mechanical,…

Digital flow controller by Teledyne Hastings is accurate and quick
September 8, 2021 by Durham Instruments

Teledyne Hastings Instruments manufactures a variety of top industrial measurement devices that are available from Durham Instruments. For example, the Digital 300 Vue series of thermal mass flow meters and controllers measure mass…

The full Lovato Electric product portfolio is available through PIC
September 3, 2021 by Process Instruments and Components Inc

Process Instruments and Components Inc. (PIC) is a top distributor in Canada for industrial solutions for hazardous work areas. With a unique lineup that includes products by Pepperl+Fuchs, Carlo Gavazzi, ODE, and DuraTime,…

Sandpiper and Versa-Matic pumps are available from York Fluid Controls
September 3, 2021 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

York Fluid Controls Ltd. is a premier, award-winning Canadian specialist in diaphragm pumps, and one of the advantages that distinguishes the supplier is that it stocks two of the industry’s leading brands: Sandpiper…

Gorman-Rupp solids management system fixes clogging in municipality’s sewage pumps
September 2, 2021 by John Brooks Company Limited

John Brooks Company Limited has a long history of customer success stories, including a municipality in Canada that was having issues with clogging in its sewage pumps. “Flushable” wipes and rags were building…

HBM pre-wired strain gauges make installation easy and measurement reliable
September 2, 2021 by Durham Instruments

Durham Instruments supplies an unsurpassed range of industrial test and measurement solutions for the Canadian market, including strain gauges by HBM Test and Measurement. The lineup includes a series of pre-wired strain gauges,…

Torque transducer by HBM is a practical, versatile, and flexible solution
August 26, 2021 by Durham Instruments

HBM Test and Measurement products are available in Canada from Durham Instruments – like the T21WN torque transducer. Based in strain-gauge technology, this compact device is an upgrade of the T20WN transducer, and…

New DFPC actuator by Festo is optimized for process applications
August 19, 2021 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has launched several innovative products over the summer, and the latest is the DFPC double-acting linear actuator. Since process engineers would prefer to have linear actuators that fit their specific applications…

Brüel & Kjær noise dosimeter is perfect for numerous scenarios
August 18, 2021 by Durham Instruments

Durham Instruments makes many Brüel & Kjær products available to Canadian industry, like the Type 4448 noise dosimeter. This is a shoulder-mounted, cable-free, personal device with a simple two-button operation, an informative LCD…

Continental Conveyor can supply a broad range of material-handling solutions
August 12, 2021 by Continental Conveyor Ltd

Since its founding nearly 60 years ago, Continental Conveyor Ltd. has served businesses as a key source of material-handling systems and their accessories. When customers work with this company, they obtain access to…

eDrive power analyzer by HBM is the perfect option for testing applications
August 11, 2021 by Durham Instruments

HBM Test and Measurement products are available through Durham Instruments – like the eDrive power analyzer, a revolutionary solution for testing electrical drives, inverters, and machines, as well as power trains. This device…

Indoor air-quality monitor by TSI maintains building health and sustainability
August 6, 2021 by Chevrier Instruments Inc.

Chevrier Instruments Inc. teams up with TSI Incorporated to supply a wide range of measurement solutions to Canadian businesses. For example, TSI manufactures the AirAssure indoor air-quality monitor, or IAQ monitor, which is…

Since 1963, businesses have trusted Continental for top material handling
August 5, 2021 by Continental Conveyor Ltd

Continental Conveyor Ltd. has played a major role in the Canadian industrial landscape for almost six decades, by offering a broad range of conveying equipment and systems. Reliable material-handling equipment is a must…

Curtiss-Wright JC1200 paddle joystick gives the user exact fingertip control
August 4, 2021 by Durham Instruments

Durham Instruments has a broad inventory of innovative industrial solutions, including several models of joysticks by Curtiss-Wright. For example, the Penny & Giles JC1200 Hall-effect paddle joystick is a stylish, non-contacting device that…

ANSI pumps by Titan now come with new features and benefits
July 28, 2021 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

York Fluid Controls Ltd. supplies pumps and similar products from many internationally renowned manufacturers, such as Titan, which makes the 4196 series of ANSI pumps. Recently, Titan has upgraded and improved these pumps…

A wide variety of air-quality equipment available from N.R. Murphy
July 27, 2021 by N.R. Murphy Limited

N.R. Murphy Limited manufactures an unmatched range of air-quality equipment, including an option to suit any need or application. The company has decades of experience in this industry and a unique expertise in…

lightweight shock detector

SMT lightweight shock detector registers data in three directions or axes
July 6, 2021 by Durham Instruments

Durham Instruments offers test and measurement solutions by many manufacturers, like SMT Elektronik. The company has upgraded its MONI LOG MicroShockDetector: the MONI LOG MicroShockDetector Plus is a compact, lightweight shock detector and…

weatherproof locks

Weatherproof locks by Capitol Industries use special magnetic technology
June 28, 2021 by Capitol Industries Inc.

Capitol Industries Inc. covers an unparalleled range of industrial applications with its wide selection of locking solutions. This includes a line of magnetic padlocks – a series of weatherproof locks that are designed…

SLM device

SLM device by Brüel & Kjær helps users meet provincial safety criteria
June 23, 2021 by Durham Instruments

Brüel & Kjær test and measurement solutions are available from Durham Instruments, like the B&K 2245 sound level meter (SLM). This SLM device is a robust, waterproof, and dust-resistant instrument for workplaces with…

Process Instruments and Components

Process Instruments and Components offers many solutions for dangerous work
June 16, 2021 by Process Instruments and Components Inc

For more than three decades, Canadian businesses in various industries have counted on Process Instruments and Components Inc. (PIC) for solutions for hazardous work environments. A certain kind of specialized instrument is required…

compact DAQ system

HBM compact DAQ system also serves as a transient recorder
June 16, 2021 by Durham Instruments

Durham Instruments collaborates with HBM Test and Measurement to offer great industrial solutions to Canadian businesses, like the GEN2tB transient recorder and data-acquisition (DAQ) system. This compact DAQ system is a standalone distributable…


Fibre lube bushings by Daemar offer corrosion resistance, low friction
June 14, 2021 by Daemar Inc.

Daemar Inc. has been the country’s top source of essential components for industry for almost 50 years. For a wide range of industries, the supplier offers an unmatched inventory of products, including seals,…

linear potentiometers

Linear potentiometers by Curtiss-Wright: top performance in compact size
June 10, 2021 by Durham Instruments

Curtiss-Wright Corporation makes many innovative measurement solutions available in Canada through Durham Instruments, such as the SLS190 series of linear potentiometers. This is a new and revolutionary range of linear position sensors designed…

power generation components

Daemar power generation components range from shaft seals to bushings
June 10, 2021 by Daemar Inc.

The inventory of essential components for industry available from Daemar Inc. is unmatched. From retaining and sliding elements to protective items and mechanical or shaft seals, Daemar offers anything a customer requires to…

award winning cable

Bergen Cable satisfies customers with its award winning cable solutions
June 4, 2021 by Bergen Cable Technology, Inc

For almost eight decades, Bergen Cable has established its trustworthiness and credibility with commercial success – but also with acclaim from entities that bestow official honours upon it. Quality has remained the company’s…

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