REDWIRE Effortless flow monitoring: Lorric EchoSense sets the bar with simple installation

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The Lorric EchoSense clamp-on type ultrasonic flow meter by Micronics

Micronics flow meters are available through Hoskin Scientific Ltd., including the Lorric EchoSense clamp-on type ultrasonic flow meter. A key advantage of this instrument is its fast, easy, and non-invasive installation: its simple clip-on design saves time and effort, without any downtime or pipe cutting required during maintenance.

Installed externally – which prevents pipe damage, clogging, leakage, and pressure issues – this flow meter by Micronics is a cost-efficient solution that reduces maintenance and installation costs.

No pressure drop or contamination

The Lorric EchoSense measures liquid flow by detecting the time difference between signals transmitted from two probes. This time difference is used to determine the speed of the liquid, which is combined with the known dimensions of the pipe to calculate the flow rate with the formula “Flow rate = cross-sectional area times flow velocity.”

With the instantly ready-to-use Lorric EchoSense, customers avoid all the hassle of pipe cutting, which means no pipe loss, leaks, pressure drop, downtime, or contamination. This ultrasonic flow meter from Hoskin is recommended for many industrial sectors, such as semiconductors, water treatment, chemicals, energy-saving monitoring, water-saving management, power plants, heating, and water – including tap, cooling, hot, raw, and sea water, as well as beverages, oil, and other fluids.

Due to its user-friendly design, installing the Lorric EchoSense requires just three steps in three minutes: mount, lock, and tighten. The device’s ultrasonic gasket pad is a hassle-free solution that saves users money and time, as they no longer have to deal with the mess and inconvenience of ultrasonic gel. The compact size is perfect for one hand; the user simply holds the main unit with one hand and uses the other hand to secure the device with a simple buckle – a hassle-free experience for everybody.

All settings on the device can be completed with just a click: pipe material, outer and inner diameter, pipe thickness, liquid-sound speed, probe distance, and probe mounting type. Users can detect problems intelligently and immediately, using the automatic sensing environment, with the Lorric EchoSense: examples include dislocated probes, too many impurities, and more.

To learn more, contact Hoskin.