REDWIRE Universal amplifier by HBM works with 17 different sensor technologies

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The HBM QuantumX MX840B eight-channel universal amplifier, available from Durham Instruments

HBM Test and Measurement is a major producer of industrial devices, all available to the Canadian market via Durham Instruments. For example, the QuantumX MX840B eight-channel universal amplifier is a 24-bit universal measuring solution for all common sensor technologies: it automatically identifies every transducer with innovative “Plug & Measure” technology, which means it is immediately ready to start operating. The unit is the universal measuring amplifier of the QuantumX line – sensors and transducers based on 17 sensor technologies can connect to each channel on this device.

With unsurpassed flexibility and scalability

The MX840B is a versatile product, and Durham Instruments recommends it for use in the general manufacturing, aerospace, automation, food-processing, forestry, medical, military, mining, packaging, power-generation, alternative-energy, and transportation sectors and in research and development.

A major advantage is the minimal setup time in the test stand, which makes this instrument the perfect choice for frequently changing measuring tasks. The device can be used as a standalone tool or combined with other modules. This can be achieved in various topologies or by connecting the modules to a computer or data recorder, resulting in unsurpassed flexibility and scalability in the industry.

This universal module provides a 24-bit analog-to-digital converter, sample rates of 40 kilosamples a second per channel, high precision, and active low-pass filters. By blending precision, flexibility, and measurement setup at lightning speed, the QuantumX MX840B serves as an all-purpose tool for demanding, highly efficient data acquisition in measurement, already used in tens of thousands of scenarios. Among the relevant applications are test stands, service applications, mobile data acquisition, and monitoring. Other major advantages of this efficient, time-saving instrument:

  • Active low-pass filter
  • Automatic channel configuration through “Plug & Measure”
  • Centralized, distributed, or hybrid topologies
  • Custom configuration of individual channels
  • Distributed system and short, pre-wired sense leads
  • Fast calibration of transducers or validation via internal shunt connection
  • Many measuring modules for special applications available, including high-precision, torque, full bridges
  • Open software concept
  • Real-time integration with the Ethernet fieldbus, CAN, or voltage output
  • Wide ambient temperature range and robust design, allowing use in any location

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