REDWIRE PMX modular amplifier system from HBM offers accurate measurement

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The HBM PMX modular amplifier system

HBM Test and Measurement is one of many premier manufacturers with products available in Canada through Durham Instruments. This includes innovative data-acquisition and control systems, like the PMX modular amplifier system. This is a device designed for test benches and production, one that offers accurate, reliable, and flexible measurement results.

The PMX system is recommended for processing high data volumes in multi-channel applications and then issuing the acquired information through industrial Ethernet interfaces.

Compatible with Industry 4.0

This amplifier system comes with a user-friendly online interface via the TCP/IP interface for diagnosis and setup. Smaller automation tasks can be directly implemented through the internal SoftPLC according to the IEC-61131 standard. Other key features:

  • accuracy class of 0.05, with an integrated calibration certificate;
  • compatibility with Industry 4.0 regarding tasks like remote diagnosis and web integration;
  • free download of ePlan macro files;
  • many plug-in cards for data acquisition and interface connection available;
  • Profinet, EtherCAT, and Ethernet IP interfaces in addition to TCP/IP;
  • software drivers for API, LabVIEW, and DIAdem; and
  • two to 16 channels per module, individually extendable.

There are three main categories of benefits in using the PMX amplifier system – the unit is precise, modular, and easy to use. Regarding precision, all measurement info can be traced through the calibration protocol saved directly in the device. The PMX has continuous digital signal conditioning for force, pressure, displacement, and temperature transducers, plus torque sensors, angle of rotation, encoder, and standard signals. It also offers a high bandwidth and sample rate for Ethernet interfaces.

These devices can be equipped individually to suit needed measured variables and interfaces, and using several modules provides automatic synchronization and simple connection per cable. Operation is simple with start-up and diagnosis through a web interface, optionally integrated SoftPLC, computed channels for processing and analyzing signals that are easy to parameterize, and support of automatic sensor detection through TEDS.

This is a versatile device that suits various applications. Durham Instruments deems the PMX suitable for use in the aerospace, food-processing, forestry, military, mining, power, and transportation sectors.

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HBM Test and Measurement is one of many premier manufacturers with products available in Canada through Durham Instrumen... Read more

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