REDWIRE B&K sound-level meter monitors noise-level concerns in various work environments

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The 2245-W sound-level and vibration meter

Durham Instruments is Canada’s ultimate source for measurement devices by Brüel & Kjær. The 2245-W sound-level and vibration meter offers the durability for almost any work environment and comes with a complete, focused tool set for monitoring occupational noise-related concerns, like noise-exposure surveys and risk mitigation for hearing loss.

For a full implementation of job-based noise-exposure assessment, Brüel & Kjær recommends using the Work Noise Partner mobile app with the 2245-W.

Minimal need for extra training

Features of this innovative instrument include a colour LCD screen with a bright, clean layout, which displays the most important information with a clear indication of measurement status with a colour header, and a measurement-status light ring, visible from any angle. The 2245-W sound-level and vibration meter also has a built-in Li-Ion battery that typically offers more than 14 hours of Wi-Fi-enabled power, 16 gigabytes of built-in storage for annotations and measurements, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy for connection to mobile and computer apps, and a single, weatherproof USB-C connector for charging and data transfer.

Work Noise Partner can be downloaded onto a Smartphone, on which the user can control all app capabilities wirelessly. This app organizes measurements into applications and exposure groups while allowing workday noise-exposure calculations, while assigning a task duration to calculate a dose. Users can embed images, text and voice notes, and videos with measurements through the app interface. The data can easily be transferred to a desktop computer after the survey. To minimize the need for extra training, the software is pre-configured with all required tools.

Among the frequent applications are task- or job-oriented noise-exposure surveys according to ISO 9612, hearing-loss prevention, managing noise exposure, ensuring compliance with regulations, and measurement for hearing-protection selection. For additional application-focused abilities for other scenarios, other app licences can be added to the meter, like Exhaust Noise Partner and Enviro Noise Partner.

The 2245-W is a versatile product for numerous tasks. Durham Instruments recommends it for use in general manufacturing, aerospace, automation, food processing, forestry, the medical field, mining, packaging, power generation, alternative energy, and transportation.

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