REDWIRE B&K 2245-N sound-level meter enables operation from any remote location in a local Wi-Fi network

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The B&K 2245-N sound-level meter

Durham Instruments carries test and measurement solutions by Brüel & Kjær, including the unique B&K 2245-N sound-level meter, or SLM. This device is a robust, waterproof, and dust-resistant unit built for work environments with grit, grime, or inclement weather. It allows businesses to comply with provincial health and safety guidelines for noise exposure. The B&K 2245-N can easily be connected to a Smartphone through Wi-Fi, allowing operation from any convenient remote location away from the sound field with an app control interface.

Storage for measurement, annotation

A versatile device that meets the IP55 standard, this sound-level meter is suitable for various tasks in different sectors. Durham Instruments recommends it for use in general manufacturing, aerospace, automation, food processing, forestry, the medical field, the military, mining, packaging, power generation, alternative energy, transportation, and research and development.

Many occupational applications and scenarios can benefit from the B&K 2245-N SLM. Frequent examples include checking sound-pressure levels (to make sure fire alarms meet regulations, for instance), broadband measurement that requires instruments that comply with specific standards, and simple product testing to confirm other safety compliance.

Every province has its own set of criteria for occupational noise levels to prevent noise-induced hearing loss in employees. For example, Ontario has a maximum-exposure limit of 85 dbA, while British Columbia has a daily limit of 85 dbA and a peak limit of 140 dbC. These limits change with the amount of time exposed to the noise in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The B&K 2245-N keeps plants aware of sound levels to stay under these limits.

This innovative SLM comes with the Noise Partner app pre-installed. This app requires minimal training and has been designed for simple broadband measurement, general-purpose sound-pressure-level measurement, or basic occupational, product, or environmental noise measurement. Among the other key features:

  • Built-in Li-Ion battery
  • Colour LDC with bright, clean layout
  • Integrated GPS for time and location
  • Integrated Wi-Fi Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Measurement-status light ring
  • Single measurement range from 15.2 to 140 decibels, from typical noise floor to maximum level, A-weighted
  • 16 gigabytes of built-in storage for measurement and annotation

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