REDWIRE Pressure transducers by Kulite suit aerospace, military, and other applications

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Kulite is the leader in pressure transducers.

Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. is a global leader in transducer technology, and Hoskin Scientific Ltd. is proud to supply its high-performance, world-class custom and stock products in Canada. The manufacturer stays ahead of the game with innovative research, groundbreaking design, and a forward-thinking approach. Among its more than 400 patents is a selection of pressure transducers – recommended for various applications in the aerospace, process-control, military, marine, and automotive sectors.

Pioneer in new sensing technologies

With constant investment in research and development, Kulite has established itself as a pioneer in new sensing technologies, even as it improves its existing solutions. As a key specialty of the Kulite team, these pressure transducers are designed for demanding environmental conditions in different global industries. As the top designer, manufacturer, and distributor of instruments for commercial and military aircraft needs, Kulite has single-handedly revolutionized the pressure transducer for the aerospace sector.

Other forms of transportation benefit from Kulite’s time-tested technology. The manufacturer works closely with automotive engineers to develop transducers for measuring pressure for Formula One’s and IndyCar’s competitive racing circuits. Kulite attracts America’s top scientists, engineers, and administrators to its global headquarters near New York City, and it has longstanding relationships with universities and research centres worldwide. This, along with unprecedented patents and continuing technical achievements, justify Kulite’s leading reputation in the industry.

Hoskin customers can select from among a broad range of Kulite pressure transducers for use in the automotive, aerospace, military, marine, and space sectors – including more than 25 general-purpose models, plus pressure scanners and pressure-sensor signal conditioners. The supplier also carries options for resource exploration and production. By working with the Hoskin team, clients can easily determine the best kind of pressure transducers for their individual applications, with many industry-specific options available from the supplier online.

Kulite is a global innovator and leader with the vision and expertise to make this wide range of pressure transducers. Hoskin can provide low-volume quantities and customized products that work well with individual client requirements. No matter what the relevant application is, Kulite and Hoskin are the team to trust.

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