REDWIRE Micro-Epsilon unveils optoCONTROL 2700 LED micrometer, redefining precision measurement

March 14, 2024 REDWIRE is news you can use from leading suppliers. Powered by FRASERS.

The new ODC2700 micrometer by Micro-Epsilon

Micro-Epsilon manufactures a wide range of instruments and sensors that are available through Hoskin Scientific Ltd. One of the most recent developments from the company is the optoCONTROL 2700 high-performance LED micrometer, or ODC2700, built to handle the most challenging applications – measuring diameters, gaps, edges, and segments with extreme precision.

Used for inline quality assurance and machine monitoring, this new Micro-Epsilon device, with a measuring range of 40 millimetres, is distinguished by its high sampling rate, ≤1-micron accuracy, and nanometer resolution.

No external control unit required

The ODC2700 functions according to the shadow casting principle and has telecentric optics on both sides. The controller integrated in the receiver reduces the cabling and installation effort, since no external control unit is necessary. This micrometer also has a real-time inclination correction of the measuring object, which makes the exact alignment of the measuring object superfluous. The unit automatically adjusts the measured value for the diameter measurement to the inclination of the measuring object.

In addition to inclination correction, the optoCONTROL 2700 records angles of up to 45 degrees and outputs them through the integrated web interface and the digital interfaces. The service package is rounded off by the excellent price-performance ratio. This instrument is also compatible with virtually all measuring objects and is highly insensitive to interference such as ambient light or dust. The ODC2700 shines with very precise measurement results, particularly with transparent objects like glass rods and glass wafers.

The entire configuration of this LED micrometer is carried out through the integrated web interface, which users can access via the Ethernet interface; this allows fast and easy setting of averaging or measuring rate, among other parameters, while offering extensive parameterization options for every measurement application. Six presets enable quick, simple setting up of the measurement task. For easy alignment, the web interface provides a scalable black-and-white image too, which makes it graphically possible to position the micrometer or the measuring object optimally.

Now available on its own from Hoskin, the optoCONTROL 2700 is going to be offered later this year with the integrated Industrial Ethernet interfaces EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET.

To learn more, contact Hoskin.