REDWIRE HBK’s MicroStrain sensors: Powering precision from robotics to aerospace and beyond

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The MicroStrain 3DM-CV7 sensor by HBK

Hoskin Scientific Ltd. carries an unmatched selection of industrial test and measurement instrumentation – including the MicroStrain brand of sensors, now manufactured by HBK. These sensors drive innovation across a broad variety of applications, from mobile robotics to precision agriculture. HBK dedicates itself to making lives easier while preparing for future challenges.

Among the applications and industries that rely on MicroStrain sensors are robotics and automation, aerospace, monitoring, off-highway applications, and mapping, tracking, and surveying.

Internal and wireless sensing products

With its unsurpassed commitment to innovation, HBK’s portfolio includes such products as inertial measurement units (IMUs), vertical reference units (VRUs), attitude and heading reference systems (AHRSs), and complete inertial navigation systems. Hoskin offers two categories of MicroStrain solutions: internal sensing and wireless sensing. The internal sensing group includes the M series of rugged attitude sensors for extreme environments, the G series of high-performance industrial-grade IMUs, and the C series of tactical-grade AHRSs and VRUs for original-equipment manufacturers.

In terms of wireless sensing, HBK offers a wide range of nodes, for users to monitor strain, load, vibration, temperature, and other parameters, as well as gateways to connect nodes to computers, clouds, or data-acquisition systems. SensorConnect PC software is available for device configuration, live data monitoring, and analysis.

One innovative line is the MicroStrain 3DM-CV7 series of internal sensors – tiny models that have a big effect. These are tactical-grade, value-focused units that can be embedded, including IMU/VRU and IMU/AHRS combinations. Perfect for mobile robotics applications, these sensors are individually calibrated for optimal performance, with cutting-edge algorithms, advanced time management, and flexible event-triggering systems. Customers can also choose the 3DM-GQ7, a high-accuracy, tactical-grade model with dual antenna heading, or the 3DM-GV7 series of rugged, tactical-grade sensors with an IP68 rating.

HBK’s MicroStrain inertial sensors repeatedly out-perform others in real-world dynamic conditions. These interchangeable solutions offer top price and performance value across many applications and set high standards. Watch the video below for a better idea of how HBK MicroStrain sensors work:

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