REDWIRE Bronkhorst’s mini CORI-FLOW MI series: Precision measuring power for low-flow applications

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The MI130 mass-flow meter and controller

Hoskin Scientific Ltd. is Canada’s source of measurement solutions by Bronkhorst Cori-Tech, including the mini CORI-FLOW MI series of mass-flow meters and controllers. Compact and rugged, this specialized product line, designed for chemical-research pilot plants, is perfect for accurately measuring and controlling low flow in heavy-duty applications.

Ensuring high-accuracy measurement and control of low mass-flow rates, these flow instruments by Bronkhorst Cori-Tech are recommended for Zone 2 hazardous areas and pollution up to degree 3.

Durable and weatherproof housing

The mini CORI-FLOW MI series offers fluid temperature and density as secondary output, plus integrated PID controller function. These dependable devices from Hoskin can adapt to various demanding needs, and the durable and weatherproof housing ensures a long lifespan, while the versatile electronics support a broad spectrum of valves, pumps, and communication options.

The MI130 model is the world’s most compact, rugged instrument of its kind, offering high accuracy, excellent repeatability, and quick response. Independent of physical properties, this unit is suitable for dosing with any control valve or pump. Bronkhorst recommends it for highly accurate measurement of gas or liquid flow ranges up to 2,000 gallons per hour, at operating pressures of up to 200 bar. The MI130 is equipped with a robust IP66/IP67 weatherproof housing with screw terminal connections.

This meter/controller includes smart electronics, featuring alarm and counter functions, and a PID controller for optional mass flow control via a separately mounted control valve or pump. As for connectivity, users can equip the MI130 with various fieldbus options, in addition to its standard analog and RS232 input/output communication.

The MI140 model is similar to the MI130 in many ways, but is recommended for highly accurate measurement of gas or liquid flow ranges up to 30 kilograms per hour, at operating pressures up to 200 bar. Precise, versatile, and compact, this instrument has a zero stability of less than plus or minus six gallons per hour (guaranteed at constant temperature and for unchanging process and environment conditions), as opposed to the MI130’s zero stability of less than plus or minus 0.2 gallons per hour.

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