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FRABA Group reports a profitable and eventful year for 2022
June 2, 2023 by FRABA Inc

An internationally renowned leader in industrial position sensors, The FRABA Group is coming off a successful year. Over 2022, the corporation earned €45 million in sales worldwide, a decrease from the previous year,…

POSITAL has launched a new WebShop to facilitate online purchases
February 8, 2023 by FRABA Inc

To make online shopping easier for customers, POSITAL-Fraba has just launched a new WebShop for encoders, inclinometers, linear position sensors, and related accessories. This service complements the POSITAL website’s Product Finder portal, which…

Next-generation TILTIX inclinometers by POSITAL upgraded with flexibility, higher speed
January 26, 2023 by FRABA Inc

POSITAL-Fraba recently upgraded its TILTIX line of inclinometers with better performance, more flexible configuration options, and quicker delivery. The new TILTIX units come with three-axis MEMS accelerometers, improved firmware, and a new housing…

POSITAL has added kit encoders to its Product Finder portal
August 4, 2022 by FRABA Inc

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of kit encoders, or modular encoders, POSITAL-Fraba has recently updated its online Product Finder portal to include its wide portfolio of these items. Kit encoders are designed…

Festo multi-axis cobot system embodies top precision, reliability, and longevity
June 23, 2022 by Festo Inc

Among the latest industrial innovations available from Festo Canada is a multi-axis system for use with Universal Robots (UR) collaborative robots, or “cobots”. Certified by UR+, this ready-to-install solution adds up to four…

For 50 years, POSITAL has manufactured bit parallel rotary encoders
May 26, 2022 by FRABA Inc

POSITAL-Fraba remains an innovative manufacturer of industrial position sensors used for many motion-control and safety systems – including rotary encoders with bit parallel communications interfaces. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the…

POSITAL and Fraba Group report double-digit growth over last year
May 10, 2022 by FRABA Inc

An internationally recognized leader in motion-control sensors, the Fraba Group (of which POSITAL-Fraba is a subsidiary) saw strong growth over the previous fiscal year. In 2021, the parent company grew by 23 per…

Fraba corporate sale will allow organization to focus more on POSITAL unit
April 20, 2022 by FRABA Inc

POSITAL is a member of the Fraba Group, which supplies technically advanced products and services for businesses worldwide. The parent company recently announced that it had sold its VITECTOR business unit to CEDES,…

POSITAL explosion-proof rotary encoders now have ATEX and IECEx certification
March 21, 2022 by FRABA Inc

Safety remains a priority for the POSITAL team, as the manufacturer’s series of explosion-proof IXARC rotary encoders has just earned ATEX and IECEx certification. This means they comply with ATEX/IECEx directives for Category…

Fraba has opened a new factory, located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
January 27, 2022 by FRABA Inc

POSITAL-Fraba remains a major supplier of motion-control products, and its parent company has expanded even further. The Fraba Group has just opened a new manufacturing plant in the Malaysian city of Johor Bahru,…

Linear-motion components by THK benefit from unique ideas and technology
December 9, 2021 by Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd

THK has been enhancing linear motion for businesses around the world for half a century, and its products are available in Canada through Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd. The Tokyo-based manufacturer offers creative…

New Wainbee e-commerce site makes browsing and shopping far easier
November 17, 2021 by Wainbee Limited

For more than 70 years, Wainbee Limited has been the top Canadian source for industrial solutions in automation, filtration, and motion and control. Now, it is easier than ever for customers to find…

POSITAL rotary encoders now save more space with 27-millimetre housing
November 8, 2021 by FRABA Inc

Always seeking out new ways to improve on its innovative motion-control solutions, POSITAL-Fraba has recently launched new models of its widely used IXARC rotary encoders. These new units are available with housing that…

New Festo apps improve nitrogen-gas dosing on industrial filling lines
October 14, 2021 by Festo Inc

The Pack Expo show in Las Vegas last month gave The Festo Group an opportunity to showcase its latest solutions, including two new apps that boost the efficiency, flexibility, and energy savings of…

New Simplified Motion Series by Festo is an engineering breakthrough
October 7, 2021 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada’s game-changing Simplified Motion Series (SMS) was a star attraction at Pack Expo in Las Vegas. This series of all-in-one integrated-drive electric axes bridges the gap between pneumatic and servo motion and…

explosion proof encoders

Explosion proof encoders by POSITAL work for mines and more
June 9, 2021 by FRABA Inc

POSITAL-Fraba is a major global manufacturer and supplier of industrial motion-control solutions, such as a line of incremental explosion proof encoders. These ATEX-certified units have been approved for use in underground mining and…

sensor technology

FRABA Group sees corporate growth in spite of COVID pandemic
May 27, 2021 by FRABA Inc

Home of the POSITAL brand for sensor technology and energy harvesting, the FRABA Group remained profitable last year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to innovative products and an advanced, digitally enabled business model,…

precision magnetic encoders

POSITAL precision magnetic encoders now come with BiSS-C interfaces
April 26, 2021 by FRABA Inc

Always looking to enhance its products with groundbreaking innovations, POSITAL-Fraba has just announced that its IXARC line of precision magnetic encoders will soon come with BiSS-C communications interfaces. These upgraded, high-precision, absolute rotary…

machine loading

UR’s ActiNav solution is the next generation of machine loading
April 9, 2021 by Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd

Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd. is the supplier to approach for automation innovations by Universal Robots (UR) – like ActiNav. This device blends intelligent vision, real-time autonomous motion control, and UR cobot technology…

measuring wheels

Measuring wheels by POSITAL are great accessories for rotary encoders
March 31, 2021 by FRABA Inc

POSITAL-Fraba remains a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial motion-control solutions, including accessories for its major products. A key example is its measuring wheels, which allow its IXARC line of rotary encoders to…

cantilever axis

Festo’s new EHMH cantilever axis can move large payloads safely
March 22, 2021 by Festo Inc

Produced with rack and pinion technology that handles payloads of up to 200 kilograms with high repeatability, the new EHMH cantilever axis from Festo Canada is perfect for stacking or palletizing heavy loads.…

industrial cube encoders

POSITAL industrial cube encoders are upgraded with timely new features
March 18, 2021 by FRABA Inc

Innovations and improvements never cease at POSITAL-FRABA, and the company recently upgraded its line of industrial cube encoders. Incremental rotary encoders packaged in a cube-shaped housing have been popular with machine builders for more…

miniature kit encoder

POSITAL is breaking ground with its new miniature kit encoder
January 28, 2021 by FRABA Inc

The latest innovation from POSITAL-Fraba is a miniature kit encoder, recently unveiled as a fully functional prototype. In automation, businesses want exceptional performance in a compact package, and this 22-by-23-millimetre multi-turn encoder fits…

valve technology

Valve technology by Festo used for Japanese dental simulation robot
January 27, 2021 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada is an international force in piezo valve technology, which the Japanese robotics manufacturer Tmsuk has incorporated into a breakthrough product: the Pedia Roid dental simulation robot. This humanoid robot realistically imitates…

cobot accessories

UR+ cobot accessories add to the convenience of robot arms
January 13, 2021 by Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd

Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd. teams up with Universal Robots (UR) to supply collaborative robot arms, or “cobots”, to Canadian businesses. Another series of solutions available is UR+ – a series of cobot…

safety cover

AIRSKIN safety cover by Blue Danube makes robots, grippers easier
January 4, 2021 by Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd

Manufacturers that use robots and grippers typically want practical, flexible safety solutions. Advanced Motion & Controls Ltd. offers a comprehensive safety technology from Blue Danube Robotics: the AIRSKIN safety cover. Typically used with…

motion design

Motion Design Tech: a unique product concept by Sugatsune
January 4, 2021 by Sugatsune Canada Inc

For 90 years, Sugatsune Kogyo Co. has manufactured and supplied high-grade architectural and industrial hardware worldwide. In 2016, the company expanded its operations to Canada through Sugatsune Canada Inc. One of the best…

proximity sensors

Proximity sensors by POSITAL use the unique Wiegand power technology
December 16, 2020 by FRABA Inc

POSITAL-Fraba’s portfolio of solutions includes Wiegand sensors, which are tiny devices that use variations in an external magnetic field to generate electrical signals and energy. They have unique properties that make them an…


POSITAL magnetic encoders help to boost performance in stepper motors
December 8, 2020 by FRABA Inc

A leading global provider of industrial motion-control solutions, POSITAL-Fraba offers a wide variety of kit encoders, including magnetic encoders. Now, the manufacturer has released a new generation of kit encoders, or modular position…

energy automation products

Lovato Electric energy automation products available in Canada from PIC
December 3, 2020 by Process Instruments and Components Inc

Process Instruments and Components Inc. (PIC) is a premier Canadian supplier of industrial solutions for hazardous work environments. Workers stay safe and productive with the company’s unique selection, which includes products made by…

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