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aircraft fasteners

Aircraft Fasteners

Gould Fasteners is a major Canadian supplier of aircraft fasteners, such as screws, inserts, rivets, latches, pins, and nuts. These products have all been built to withstand severe vibration, shock, high and low

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Gould Fasteners is a Canadian distributor of fasteners, including a large range of bolts suitable for a wide variety of applications, from aerospace to the military to telecommunications. Gould Fasteners provides bolts from

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copper bolts

Brass, Bronze & Copper Bolts

Gould Fasteners supplies a wide range of bolts for Canadian industry, available in many sizes and styles. This includes a line of brass, bronze, and copper bolts for work applications in which the

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set screws

Cap & Set Screws

Among the fastening products that Gould Fasteners distributes is a wide range of cap and set screws for virtually any application. These screws are available in an impressive variety of sizes and materials.

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clinch nuts

Clinch Nuts

Nuts are an important requirement for fastening applications in the Canadian manufacturing world, and Gould Fasteners supplies an impressive range of them – including clinch nuts. These nuts are available in a variety

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corrosion resistant bolts

Corrosion Resistant Bolts

Gould Fasteners supplies a large variety of bolts for many industrial applications, and that includes an expansive line of corrosion resistant bolts. These bolts are highly recommended for applications in which rust or

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electronic hardware

Electronic Hardware

In addition to its wide variety of fastening products for other applications, Gould Fasteners is a proud supplier of an impressive range of electronic hardware. These products are designed for electronic applications in

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electronic screws

Electronic Screws

Gould Fasteners is a valuable source of industrial screws of all kinds, as well as hardware for electronic products. Both categories include Gould’s line of electronic screws, available in many sizes, shapes, and

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Fasteners are a big part of the manufacturing world; it is hard to imagine how any products could be built or assembled without them. This is why Gould Fasteners is an essential supplier

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flat head screws

Flat Head Screws

Gould Fasteners is a major Canadian source for many designs of screws, including flat head screws. These fasteners are highly useful for a number of applications in the construction, military, aerospace, electronics, and

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heat sinks

Heat Sinks

The diverse range of products available from Gould Fasteners includes various heat sinks for virtually every application. These devices are essential for the performance of microelectronics packaging, as thermal interface material is necessary

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heat treated bolts

Heat Treated Bolts

While some of the products supplied by Gould Fasteners are available in standard designs and forms, others can be custom-built or -finished in a more specific way according to the user’s application. One

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thread inserts

Helicoil Thread Inserts

Among the varieties of fastening solutions that Gould Fasteners supplies in Canada is Heli-Coil thread inserts, or precision-formed thread coils of stainless steel wire, built with diamond-shape cross-sections. These unique inserts are recommended

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high strength bolts

High Strength Bolts

Gould Fasteners is a major Canadian source of bolts of all kinds for industrial use, from a number of respected manufacturers. Varieties include bronze, brass, copper, heat-treated, and self-locking bolts. For demanding applications

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industrial fasteners

Industrial Fasteners

Whether one is repairing or building furniture in one’s private workshop or assembling industrial machinery or equipment in a factory, fasteners play an important role. Without them, strong and durable assembly and fastening

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installation tools

Installation Tools

Fasteners remain a necessity in many areas of manufacturing, particularly in important assembly applications. But most of them cannot be used without proper installation tools to insert and tighten them as required. Gould

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One of the many useful fastening products that Gould Fasteners supplies is latches. The company carries a wide selection of latches in various styles and configurations, including custom-designed ones for specific applications. They

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nylon fasteners

Nylon Fasteners

For an impressive variety of industrial fastening products constructed out of many different materials, companies across Canada have turned to Gould Fasteners for decades. Products from this distributor come in steel, brass, aluminum,

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The world of fasteners encompasses a broad range of products, including bolts, screws, nuts, latches, spacers, and rivets – all available in Canada from Gould Fasteners, a major supplier and distributor of industrial

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Among the most widely used and trusted fasteners in the world are screws. From home repairs to workplace use in a broad range of industries, people everywhere rely on screws to assemble and

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self-locking bolts

Self-Locking Bolts

Gould Fasteners is a major Canadian source of industrial fastening products, including a wide range of bolts. From high-strength to heat-treated bolts and more, this supplier has something for every assembly application. Their

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self-tapping screws

Self-Tapping Screws

Gould Fasteners is a trusted Canadian source of screws of all types including an extensive selection of self-tapping screws. Self-tapping screws are available in a variety of designs, materials, head types, and finishes

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spacers and standoffs

Spacers and Standoffs

Gould Fasteners is a premier Canadian source of fastening products of all kinds, and that includes a wide selection of spacers and standoffs. These two kinds of fasteners serve a similar purpose: both

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Gould Fasteners’ inventory of industrial fastening and electronic hardware products includes a broad selection of terminals. Used frequently in the electronics and communications sectors, these terminals offer a secure way to connect electronic

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titanium screws

Titanium Screws

Screws are only one type of hardware available from Gould Fasteners. They are constructed out of a wide array of materials. This includes a range of titanium screws. Designed particularly for use in