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Festo fuels industrial transformation with cutting-edge automation products
April 24, 2024 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has developed various automation products for electromobility, green hydrogen, bioreactors, and other applications related to industrial transformation. The manufacturer knows automation is the key to achieving industrial transformation at an acceptable

Festo’s SDBT-MSX proximity switch revolutionizes efficiency for Ontario manufacturer
April 16, 2024 by Festo Inc

An equipment manufacturer in Woodbridge, Ont. recently benefited from using the SDBT-MSX by Festo Canada – the world’s first proximity switch with auto teach-in. This innovative solution eliminated a formerly crucial step in

Festo unveils heavy-duty Cartesian palletizing gantry: Redefining efficiency and cost-effectiveness
April 4, 2024 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has introduced a heavy-duty Cartesian palletizing gantry, with a lift capability of up to 200 kilograms (kg) per pick. The gantry includes Z-axis stroke lengths that exceed eight feet and speeds

Festo’s game changer: Seventh-axis system revolutionizes bin picking, boosting efficiency
March 12, 2024 by Festo Inc

The latest bin-picking solution available from Festo Canada is a seventh-axis robot, which integrates cobots from various manufacturers. This new system – which works on an electromechanical linear actuator moving horizontally, vertically, or

Festo’s DHPL series: Powerhouse long-stroke grippers in a compact frame
January 10, 2024 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has added another innovation to its broad family of industrial solutions: the DHPL long-stroke parallel gripper. Developed from a recently completed production line, the DHPL series consists of competitively priced units

Festo’s HPPF: Gripping innovation for small spaces, redefining assembly
January 2, 2024 by Festo Inc

The latest industrial solution by the Festo Canada team is the HPPF, a diminutive flat parallel gripper that is developed specifically for space-constrained applications. Due to manufacturing innovations achieved on a new production

Electeo by Festo revolutionizes electronics training for the next generation
December 8, 2023 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada recently launched a new web-based electronics training system, Electeo, designed to streamline and enhance electronic-skills development in universities and vocational or technical institutions. This innovative learning solution is a turnkey system

New Festo grippers are competitively priced and offer plentiful advantages
November 23, 2023 by Festo Inc

Last week, three new styles of grippers became available from Festo Canada. The manufacturer launched a new generation of competitively priced grippers from recently completed production lines: the DHPC parallel gripper, the DHWC

Power Up initiative by Festo promotes automation in food processing
November 8, 2023 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada is seeking to transform machine building in the food-processing sector with electric automation through its Festo Power Up initiative. By spurring the efficient adoption of electric automation in this industry, the

Festo appoints new chairman for its Management Board, Thomas Böck
November 2, 2023 by Festo Inc

Effective Jan. 1, The Festo Group – the global parent company of automation-technology manufacturer Festo Canada – will have a new chairman of its Management Board, Thomas Böck. He replaces Oliver Jung, who

CMTS 2023 features innovative Festo solutions, Sept. 25 to 28
September 19, 2023 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada is exhibiting at this year’s Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS), which happens at the Toronto Congress Centre from Sept. 25 to 28. The corporation showcases its latest motion-control technology for performing

Festo launches its CPX-AP-A input/output solution: new heights of performance
September 12, 2023 by Festo Inc

After 10 years of development, Festo Canada has launched CPX-AP-A, a backplane-based remote I/O system that joins the manufacturer’s unparalleled range of electric and pneumatic automation solutions. Along with the Festo CPX-AP-I decentralized I/O system,

CMMT multi-protocol servo drives by Festo boost productivity, reduce inventories
September 6, 2023 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has launched its CMMT MP line of multi-protocol servo drives, each of which is configurable for Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, PROFINET and Modbus TCP, as needed. Switching between protocols on the drive is

Festo completes FLAIROP international research project with Canadian, German partners
August 4, 2023 by Festo Inc

A new international research project involving artificial intelligence (A.I.) and robotics has been completed by The Festo Group and its Canadian partners, startup DarwinAI as well as the University of Waterloo, and the Karlsruher

New facility in Monterrey, Mexico to expand Festo’s market in Americas
July 5, 2023 by Festo Inc

Festo is the world’s leading supplier of automation technology and technical education, and the manufacturer continues to expand its reach internationally. The company is investing $100 million into building a new facility in

Festo’s multi-axis solution boosts cobot capabilities with additional motion axes
June 15, 2023 by Festo Inc

A recent product available from Festo Canada is a multi-axis solution, certified for use with Universal Robots (UR) collaborative robot arms, or cobots. Ready to plug and function, this UR+-certified system increases cobot

Life-saving Fast MDx testing system was developed with Festo’s help
May 24, 2023 by Festo Inc

The Festo Group has played a significant role in the development of the world’s first fully automated, high-throughput, near-patient molecular diagnostic testing system: the Fast MDx. A game changer in pathogen detection, this

Festo’s new Electric Motion Sizing tool: essential for machine builders
May 4, 2023 by Festo Inc

The latest innovation from Festo Canada is Electric Motion Sizing, a free online productivity tool for error-free sizing of linear and rotary electromechanical systems. This solution slashes the engineering time needed for identifying

EXCL multi-axis gantry by Festo reduces engineering, acquisition, assembly expenses
March 22, 2023 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has just launched a new multi-axis gantry kit, the EXCL, designed to break price and performance barriers in laboratory automation. This gantry reduces acquisition, engineering, and assembly expenses for automated sample

Festo showcases SMS solutions and more at ProMat in Chicago
March 17, 2023 by Festo Inc

From March 20 to 23, Chicago’s McCormick Place is the place to be for ProMat, the largest North American supply-chain exhibition. The Festo Group, a world leader in electric automation solutions, will be exhibiting

New series of angle seat valves by Festo has unique modular design
March 1, 2023 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada recently launched a new series of angle seat valves that delivers installation, maintenance, operational, and inventory advantages with its innovative modular design. The VZXA family of uniquely engineered, pneumatically actuated valves

Festo’s new Pneumatic Essentials program ensures quicker delivery of components
January 30, 2023 by Festo Inc

To spur faster delivery of guaranteed in-stock pneumatic parts and manufacture more compact components for today’s small-footprint, energy-efficient machinery, Festo Canada recently launched the Pneumatic Essentials program. This ambitious global initiative will streamline

New online CAD configurator by Festo works for actuators, accessories
January 16, 2023 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has just launched a new online three-dimensional CAD (computer-assisted design) configurator, developed to reduce engineering and purchasing overhead for original-equipment manufacturers and bring their products to market more quickly. This intuitive,

Festo A.I. automation software optimizes uptime and machine, process performance
November 17, 2022 by Festo Inc

The latest breakthrough available from Festo Canada is the Festo Automation Experience, or Festo AX: a machine-learning and artificial-intelligence (A.I.) software platform for manufacturing and process systems that ensures maximum uptime of major

Educational program by Festo and SICK focuses on robot safety
October 6, 2022 by Festo Inc

Festo Didactic, a major solution provider for industrial and technical education, has co-developed a new educational program (in collaboration with SICK) to teach students robot safety awareness in a holistic way. This Safety

Festo co-hosts student competition at the recent IMTS Chicago event
September 21, 2022 by Festo Inc

Last week’s International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago featured Festo Didactic as an exhibitor. The company also teamed up with Siemens and SICK Safety to build awareness of recent advances in industry

Groupe EP now supplies Festo solutions in Quebec, Atlantic provinces
September 7, 2022 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada remains the leading provider of automation technology and technical education in the country, having served the Canadian industrial landscape for more than four decades. Now, the manufacturer has announced a distribution

Festo compact round cylinders assist Portuguese system for packaging corks
August 3, 2022 by Festo Inc

Manufacturers around the world find unique applications for solutions by The Festo Group. For example, the company’s DSNU compact round cylinder has come in handy in a system for packaging wine corks, developed

New food-safe tubing by Festo offers kink and moisture resistance
July 13, 2022 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada recently released a new food-safe tubing: the PUN-H-F polyurethane tubing. Blended with push-in NPQR stainless steel fittings, this solution offers the perfect combination for the food-processing and packaging sectors, particularly in

Festo multi-axis cobot system embodies top precision, reliability, and longevity
June 23, 2022 by Festo Inc

Among the latest industrial innovations available from Festo Canada is a multi-axis system for use with Universal Robots (UR) collaborative robots, or “cobots”. Certified by UR+, this ready-to-install solution adds up to four

PM aluminum pneumatic tubing by Festo can resist weld splatter
June 8, 2022 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada scores another innovation breakthrough with PM aluminum pneumatic tubing for welding cells, which outperforms steel and laminated alternatives. This weld-splatter-resistant solution offers higher durability, flexibility, ease of installation, and cost savings.

New Festo VFOE one-way valve has a smaller and lighter design
May 25, 2022 by Festo Inc

The latest development to hit the market from the Festo Canada product family is the VFOE one-way flow-control valve. This is a new, manually adjustable unit that is cost-efficient and easy to adjust,

New Chicago laboratory and Festo help companies solve tough challenges
May 11, 2022 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada remains on the cutting edge of industrial technology, and its parent company recently teamed up with a special laboratory in Chicago to spur new education and innovation opportunities: the Oracle Industry

Festo SDBT proximity switch is perfect for standard automation applications
May 4, 2022 by Festo Inc

The latest innovation from the Festo Canada lineup is the pioneering SDBT-MSX programmable proximity switch. This is the first product of its kind with an automatic switching point setting, which makes commissioning simpler

DSNB actuator by Festo is perfect for many NFPA mounting applications
April 27, 2022 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada expands its product portfolio again with the new DSNB actuator, a rugged instrument that is the perfect option for sorting, stacking, insertion, loading, and many more mounting applications. Compliant with the

Festo subsidiary Fabco-Air opens a new online shop for customers
March 21, 2022 by Festo Inc

Fabco-Air, a subsidiary of The Festo Group, has recently opened a new online store featuring all of its products. Officially announced on March 4, this new webstore has been created in partnership with

Open-source modular gantry robot by Festo enables fast test solutions
March 9, 2022 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has expanded its impressive portfolio once again, now with a new open-source modular gantry robot platform for laboratory-based automated liquid-handling systems. Allowing equipment manufacturers to develop test and assay solutions in

Festo LX digital learning portal blends online and hands-on training
February 28, 2022 by Festo Inc

The latest development from the innovators at Festo Canada is a digital learning portal called the Festo Learning Experience, or Festo LX. This is a response to current educational trends, with digitization exerting

Magswitch E-Series intelligent magnetic grippers come with proprietary switching technology
January 18, 2022 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has been a distribution partner for Magswitch for two years and carries the manufacturer’s Electric Series, or E-Series, of intelligent magnetic grippers. Revolutionizing ferrous automation applications, these grippers reduce end-effector size,

Festo’s CPX/VTSA function terminals actuate the fastest sawmill in the world
January 10, 2022 by Festo Inc

There is a lot of technology working behind the curtain driving the world’s fastest band-saw line. How fast? “With our new automated saw, we can achieve a speed of 150 metres per minute,”

Productivity Master by Festo creates a fully digitized production line
December 16, 2021 by Festo Inc

Festo’s latest technological showcase, the Productivity Master, seamlessly connects all handling hardware and software to create a digitized production line that anyone can monitor from anywhere. It’s hands-off from the vendor’s perspective. No human

Festo PGVA pressure and vacuum generator is an all-in-one solution
November 25, 2021 by Festo Inc

The latest innovation from the automation experts at Festo is the PGVA pressure and vacuum generator. This compact device (eight by eight by three inches, slightly larger than a typical paperback book) allows

Companies chosen to join catalyst program by Festo and MassRobotics
October 27, 2021 by Festo Inc

The Festo Group and MassRobotics have selected the first four organizations in their inaugural Healthcare Robotics Startup Catalyst program. This new initiative for the international robotics startup community will advance healthcare development by

New Festo apps improve nitrogen-gas dosing on industrial filling lines
October 14, 2021 by Festo Inc

The Pack Expo show in Las Vegas last month gave The Festo Group an opportunity to showcase its latest solutions, including two new apps that boost the efficiency, flexibility, and energy savings of

New Simplified Motion Series by Festo is an engineering breakthrough
October 7, 2021 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada’s game-changing Simplified Motion Series (SMS) was a star attraction at Pack Expo in Las Vegas. This series of all-in-one integrated-drive electric axes bridges the gap between pneumatic and servo motion and

Festo’s new ADN-S pneumatic cylinder helps make machine projects space-efficient
September 27, 2021 by Festo Inc

A spinoff of the standard Festo Canada double-acting ADN compact pneumatic cylinder, the new space-optimized ADN-S is a lighter, super-compact option that is the perfect pick for conducting tiny tasks in tight spaces.

New DFPC actuator by Festo is optimized for process applications
August 19, 2021 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has launched several innovative products over the summer, and the latest is the DFPC double-acting linear actuator. Since process engineers would prefer to have linear actuators that fit their specific applications

Festo’s new KVZA butterfly-valve configurator boosts both speed and productivity
August 12, 2021 by Festo Inc

Reduced procurement and assembly time, with the highest-quality valve for the application: these are the benefits of the new KVZA butterfly-valve configurator by Festo Canada. This online tool lowers overhead by speeding up

New round cylinder by Festo comes in convenient compact size
July 22, 2021 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has just reworked its DSNU ISO round cylinder into a new lighter space-optimized unit for machine designers who need a smaller option – the DSNU-S. The company has pared down the

picking robots

Festo in German-Canadian collaboration to develop AI technology for picking robots
July 7, 2021 by Festo Inc

Robotic picking is an important application in production, warehousing, and shipping. Festo is teaming up with researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and two Canadian partners – the University of Waterloo

AI solutions

AI solutions by Festo blend hardware expertise with innovative software
June 24, 2021 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada showcased various innovations at Hannover Messe in April, including artificial intelligence (AI). The company aims to develop AI solutions for predictive maintenance, predictive quality, and predictive energy, establishing this innovation as

pneumatic cylinder

Festo CRD pneumatic cylinder is designed specifically for cheese making
June 14, 2021 by Festo Inc

Cheese presses have a new solution from Festo Canada: the CRD pneumatic cylinder. This is an application-specific unit designed to boost both quality and consistency in large operations as well as low-volume artisanal

Kim Harper-Gage

New leaders at Festo North America will ensure continuing innovation
May 31, 2021 by Festo Inc

Festo remains a world-leading supplier of automation and technical education, and its North American subsidiary announced last week that it had appointed two company veterans to top leadership positions to enhance its executive

filtration units

Festo pre-assembled filtration units reduce risk of particle contamination
April 22, 2021 by Festo Inc

The latest innovation from Festo Canada is the MS series of pre-assembled filtration units, designed to ensure clean compressed air in food zones. These products reduce the risk of particle contamination when compressed

levitation module

SupraCube levitation module by Festo offers no-contact object handling
April 15, 2021 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has been introducing innovative new technology this week at Hannover Messe 2021 – including the SupraCube levitation module. Using the latest superconducting technology, this is a compact, standalone unit that offers

insulin pens

Festo teams up with Syntegon Technology to help make insulin pens
April 12, 2021 by Festo Inc

As a leading supplier of automation technology, The Festo Group covers a wide range of fields. A unique example: OEM systems builder Syntegon Technology uses the Festo YJKP servo press kit to help

Hannover Messe 2021

Hannover Messe 2021 will include presentations by Festo, April 12-16
March 26, 2021 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada continues to make connections in trade events worldwide, even during lockdown. This year, Hannover Messe 2021 is going to be a virtual event again – and Festo will be onsite with

cantilever axis

Festo’s new EHMH cantilever axis can move large payloads safely
March 22, 2021 by Festo Inc

Produced with rack and pinion technology that handles payloads of up to 200 kilograms with high repeatability, the new EHMH cantilever axis from Festo Canada is perfect for stacking or palletizing heavy loads.

pressure regulator

Proportional pressure regulator by Festo offers a large HD display
March 9, 2021 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada’s newest technological innovation is the VPPI proportional pressure regulator, which sets itself apart from the field with its user-friendly features. In developing this device, the Festo team incorporated a large, high-definition

suction cups

Festo OGVM suction cups are perfect for the automotive industry
February 25, 2021 by Festo Inc

The newest addition to the Festo Canada portfolio is the OGVM series of vacuum suction cups, which offer sure grips on large loads. Developed with the needs of the automotive industry in mind,

valve technology

Valve technology by Festo used for Japanese dental simulation robot
January 27, 2021 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada is an international force in piezo valve technology, which the Japanese robotics manufacturer Tmsuk has incorporated into a breakthrough product: the Pedia Roid dental simulation robot. This humanoid robot realistically imitates

industrial motion terminal

Festo VTEM industrial motion terminal transforms the automation world
January 15, 2021 by Festo Inc

The groundbreaking VTEM industrial motion terminal from Festo Canada is the standard bearer for a new kind of pneumatics, challenging engineers to re-imagine processes. The digital pneumatics of the VTEM are transforming the

teaching aid

Bionic teaching aid by Festo Didactic: a perfect teaching tool
December 18, 2020 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has just launched the Bionic Flower, a robotic teaching aid that is the latest in the company’s lineup of bionic creatures. All of these robotic fauna mimic actions in nature by

bus interfaces

Festo’s new PROFINET bus interfaces offer many important user features
December 14, 2020 by Festo Inc

The latest innovation available from Festo Canada is a new generation of PROFINET bus interfaces, the FB44 and FB45, for the company’s CPX automation platform. Festo has added four key features to these

Bionic Mobile Assistant

Bionic Mobile Assistant by Festo can handle ergonomically strenuous tasks
November 19, 2020 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada’s renowned Bionic Learning Network has unveiled another unique robotic concept: the Bionic Mobile Assistant, a collaborative robot with advanced gripping technology that mimics the workings of the human hand. The Mobile

valve manifold

Festo showcases pneumatic valve manifold at Automation Fair@Home
November 13, 2020 by Festo Inc

As a partner with Rockwell Automation for more than 20 years as a supplier of intelligent pneumatic devices, Festo remains innovative and aware of industry needs. From Nov. 16 to 20, attendees of

energy efficiency modules

Energy efficiency modules by Festo optimize consumption of compressed air
November 5, 2020 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada’s newest innovations are two intelligent energy efficiency modules: the MSE6-C2M and MSE6-D2M, built for energy conservation and early leak detection in pneumatic production. These condition-monitoring devices optimize compressed-air use during normal

Pack Expo International

Festo hits Pack Expo Connects with many new automation innovations
November 4, 2020 by Festo Inc

This year’s Pack Expo International has gone virtual, and The Festo Group is showcasing its latest automation innovations. The lineup at Pack Expo Connects, from Nov. 9 to 13, includes life-science solutions for

electric cylinder

New electric cylinder by Festo suits sorting, testing, and distribution
October 28, 2020 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has expanded its Simplified Motion Series (SMS), an innovative family of electric actuators that is designed to mimic the simplicity of pneumatics in performing simple point-to-point movements and positioning tasks. The

heavy duty valve terminal

Festo VTSA-F-CB heavy duty valve terminal offers top integration flexibility
September 30, 2020 by Festo Inc

The latest addition to the VTSA family of valve terminals from Festo Canada is the VTSA-F-CB device. This is a heavy duty valve terminal with serial communications added to its parallel communications capability.

gripper module

New rotary gripper module by Festo recommended for confined spaces
September 16, 2020 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has just introduced the EHMD compact rotary gripper module – a new smallest-in-class device that has been optimized for reliable gripping and rotation of small objects in tight spaces. With fast

mass flow controller

Festo’s VEMD mass flow controller suits ventilators and oxygen devices
September 3, 2020 by Festo Inc

The latest addition to the family of piezo-based control valves at Festo Canada is the VEMD mass flow controller. This valve has been designed to control air flow proportionally in portable oxygen devices,

COVID-19 app

COVID-19 app by Festo wins Give a Breath Challenge award
August 28, 2020 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada never stops introducing new innovations, including the Virus Fighters’ Handbook: a Smartphone app that provides a digital manual for field personnel on how to operate and maintain ventilators and other open

balancer kit drive

Festo balancer kit drive moves heavy loads with minimal effort
July 28, 2020 by Festo Inc

The newest solution from Festo Canada is the YHBP balancer kit drive system – delivering power and reliability with fingertip control and automatic weight detection. While servo-pneumatic balancers let workers move heavy loads

virtual trade show

Visit the free Festo Experience virtual trade show, August 5-6
July 22, 2020 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada is helping businesses find the right automation solutions in its first virtual trade show for North America: The Festo Experience – Automation for Tomorrow. This upcoming online exhibition and conference will

face masks

Festo components help to meet the high demand for face masks
June 17, 2020 by Festo Inc

As face masks continue to be in high demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, Festo Canada is playing a vital role. Swiss corporation Mikron has developed a compact manufacturing system using Festo pneumatic and

industrial valve terminal

Industrial valve terminal by Festo offers flexible connectivity, more power
May 25, 2020 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada continues to meet market needs with new products like the VTSA IO-Link industrial valve terminal. Designed to appeal to automotive manufacturers in particular, this product adds the IO-Link connectivity they want

process automation products

Festo Canada joins forces with Electrozad for process automation products
May 20, 2020 by Festo Inc

Electrozad, the largest independently owned electrical distributor in southwestern Ontario, has become the full-line exclusive sales, support, and service partner of Festo Canada from London to Windsor and Sarnia, Ont. As the exclusive

robotic innovation

New partnership between Festo, MassRobotics to spur robotic innovation
April 27, 2020 by Festo Inc

Festo is planning to expand its repertoire of robotic solutions through a new partnership with MassRobotics, a Boston-based non-profit dedicated to promoting the development of robotics. Festo will support MassRobotics’ startup and technology

respiratory ventilators

Festo focuses on respiratory ventilators, protective gear for COVID-19 use
April 22, 2020 by Festo Inc

As it continues to supply innovative automation solutions to businesses across the country, Festo Canada has recently launched Coronavirus mitigation projects to assist the medical and manufacturing sectors during the current pandemic. The

adaptive shape gripper

DHEF adaptive shape gripper by Festo receives iF, Red Dot awards
April 15, 2020 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada offers the unique DHEF adaptive shape gripper, which works like a chameleon’s tongue as it grasps work pieces – picking, gathering, and placing objects of various shapes with no manual changeovers

valve controller

Festo’s new VAEM valve controller is compact and energy-efficient
April 1, 2020 by Festo Inc

Technical innovation keeps on coming at Festo Canada, and the latest example is the manufacturer’s new VAEM valve controller for multi-head liquid micro-dispensing. This is a compact unit, designed for use in pharmaceutical

precision actuation

Directional control valves by Festo: precision actuation at your fingertips
March 26, 2020 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada’s VMEF and VHEF series of directional control valves make precision actuation possible with the lightest touch. These valves come with a wide range of triggering options for either manual or mechanical

compact cylinder

Festo launches its smallest, lightest, easiest-mounting compact cylinder
February 24, 2020 by Festo Inc

The latest innovative industrial solution to come from the Festo Canada team is the DPDM Multimount compact cylinder. This device is the company’s smallest, lightest, easiest-to-mount, and most economical cylinder of its class.

rodless drive

DLGF rodless drive by Festo: the perfect solution for tight spaces
February 14, 2020 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada never stops bringing state-of-the-art solutions to the automation market – such as the DLGF flat-design rodless drive. This is a space-saving linear drive built specifically to fit tight spaces and tight

green manufacturing

Festo production facility wins international award for green manufacturing
January 23, 2020 by Festo Inc

Not only is The Festo Group world-renowned for innovative automation solutions; the company is also a leader in sustainable business practices and green manufacturing. Festo’s production centre in Sofia, Bulgaria recently received a

Process Valve Configurator

Process Valve Configurator by Festo simplifies engineering, procurement
January 16, 2020 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada continues to bring innovation in process automation to this country – including the new Process Valve Configurator. This free online tool allows process and application engineers to configure butterfly- or ball-valve

smart camera system

Festo’s SBRD smart camera system is simple yet very flexible
December 9, 2019 by Festo Inc

The newest technological breakthrough from Festo Canada is the SBRD smart camera system: a cost-efficient solution for quick, reliable inspection. What distinguishes this product is that it is easy to set up and

magnetic grippers

Magswitch magnetic grippers reduce energy costs and boost throughput
November 27, 2019 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada manufactures great industrial solutions, but also distributes innovative products from other sources – like Magswitch’s line of magnetic grippers. Newly available from Festo, these switchable magnetic gripping and clamping systems are

vision sensor

Festo’s SBSI vision sensor is commissioned in only three steps
November 18, 2019 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada’s new, economical SBSI standard vision sensor provides fast and easy installation and commissioning – even for a user without any expert knowledge in industrial vision systems. Festo has fully integrated everything


New electric drives by Festo offer quicker and easier commissioning
November 6, 2019 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada is on a roll with innovative new products this fall. The latest development is the Simplified Motion Series of electric drives, for applications that need very simple motion or positioning. Extremely

industry training

Festo course keeps technicians up to date on Industry 4.0
October 28, 2019 by Festo Inc

Although the company is renowned for groundbreaking products, Festo Canada also provides valuable industry training through Festo Didactic. For mechatronics technicians, Festo Didactic offers MPS 203 I4.0, a course that conveys the fundamentals


VTEM valve terminal by Festo does a lot more with new apps
October 22, 2019 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada is expanding the capabilities of its revolutionary VTEM Motion Terminal with its ten new Motion Apps – and an upcoming 11th one. This valve terminal already performs tasks that conventional terminals

remote I/O system

Festo’s new decentralized remote I/O system expands design possibilities
October 16, 2019 by Festo Inc

Among the groundbreaking new products available from Festo Canada is the CPX-AP-I decentralized remote I/O system. This game-changing device has already earned Festo a Red Dot Design Award, an international product-design recognition awarded

servo drives

New servo drives by Festo raise the standards of performance
October 9, 2019 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada showcased remarkable new products at the recent Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show – including the CMMT-AS and CMMT-ST servo drives. These devices deliver optimized sizing and pricing, performing their functions exceedingly well

commissioning software

Festo gets automation running quickly with its new commissioning software
October 2, 2019 by Festo Inc

Manufacturers can now get new drives running more quickly and easily than before, with the new Automation Suite commissioning software from Festo Canada. Automation Suite is a free, intuitive, PC-based digital tool for

robotic insect

BionicOpter flying robotic insect puts Festo in the record books
September 20, 2019 by Festo Inc

Festo has made it into the new edition of Guinness World Records with one of its most exciting innovations: the BionicOpter flying robotic insect. Deemed by Guinness to be the world’s largest flying

pneumatic cylinders

Festo’s new series of pneumatic inch cylinders is robust and reliable
August 27, 2019 by Festo Inc

The DPRA series of round-body pneumatic cylinders is the newest addition to the Festo Canada product family. These are American-made cylinders that give equipment manufacturers a high-quality, direct replacement for non-repairable, round-body inch

filter regulator

New filter regulator by Festo is a perfect choice for harsh environments
August 12, 2019 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has launched the ideal filter regulator for corrosive atmospheres, extreme temperatures, explosive work zones, and outdoor applications. The PCRP is a tough unit that delivers high flow rates and reliable compressed-air


Festo’s compact MS2 regulators make close-up air management possible
July 24, 2019 by Festo Inc

The newest innovation available from Festo Canada is the MS2 line of regulators – the smallest and lightest regulators available anywhere. Two models are available: the MS2 compressed-air regulator, which weighs between 28

servo press kit

Servo press kit by Festo delivers precision and repeated accuracy
July 15, 2019 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada is helping manufacturers get press-fit applications up in virtually no time with its newest automation innovation: the YJKP modular servo press kit. This economical, all-in-one unit is the epitome of simplicity

fingerboard control system

Festo launches fingerboard control system for oil and gas industry
June 25, 2019 by Festo Inc

One of the latest technological advances in the Festo Canada portfolio is a pneumatic fingerboard latching system for drill-rig tublars in the oil and gas sector. The technology core of this fingerboard control

locating pins

New retractable locating pin from Festo Canada has unique locking capability
June 18, 2019 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has launched another innovative product: a retractable locating pin by Zaytran Automation, with a mechanical locking capability. Locating pins, used in automotive assembly facilities and their Tier 1 and 2 suppliers,

solenoid coils

Festo’s new solenoid valves are safer for chemical and petroleum applications
June 11, 2019 by Festo Inc

Innovation is one of the reasons for Festo Canada’s continuing success, and the company lives up to that reputation once again with a new, advanced line of solenoid valves and coils. These products,

compact vacuum generator

Compact vacuum generator by Festo is very versatile and user-friendly
May 22, 2019 by Festo Inc

Festo Inc. has introduced its latest compact vacuum generator to the Canadian market: the OVEL. This is an economical, fully integrated device that is not only lightweight, but also versatile and easy for

motion terminal

Festo revolutionizes digitalized pneumatics with the new Motion Terminal VTEM
April 30, 2019 by Festo Inc

The new Motion Terminal VTEM from Festo Canada is a breakthrough in digitalized pneumatics, which is set to transform factory and process automation. This groundbreaking device can simplify and optimize many applications from

shape gripper

New adaptive shape gripper by Festo needs no manual adjustment by users
April 23, 2019 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada expands its family of innovative automation products with the new DHEF adaptive shape gripper. This device can pick and move any object, whether round, square, rectangular, or irregularly shaped, with no

pneumatic mini-slides

Festo DGST pneumatic mini-slide is compact and leaves little footprint
March 26, 2019 by Festo Inc

The latest addition to the Festo Canada family is the DGST series of pneumatic mini-slides. Not only are these devices compact and affordable; they also have a superb price/performance ratio and the smallest

Hannover Messe

Online press conference by Festo to deal with artificial intelligence
February 21, 2019 by Festo Inc

The Festo Group is back at the annual Hannover Messe trade show this year, from April 1 to 5 in Hannover, Germany. In advance of this event, the company is holding an online

contactless weighing

Festo is an innovator in contactless weighing for cleaner environments
February 7, 2019 by Festo Inc

A global leader in automation, Festo is revolutionizing contactless weighing and precise measurement with its SupraSensor concept. This solution will be a boost to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, in which maintaining ultra-clean,

air cushioning

PPS cylinders by Festo offer self-adjusting air cushioning for machinery
January 30, 2019 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada offers a unique solution that eliminates the need for manual adjustment of pneumatic cylinders in plant machinery: PPS cylinder variants, with the world’s first self-adjusting air cushioning. These ISO cylinders ensure

laboratory automation

Festo opens new development centre for life sciences in Boston
December 23, 2018 by Festo Inc

Festo has expanded its presence in the worldwide life-sciences market, with the opening of a new development centre for innovations in laboratory automation. As North America is at the forefront of life sciences,

stopper cylinder

New Festo EFSD stopper cylinder can offer exceptional stop-and-release functionality
December 16, 2018 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada has launched a new electric stopper cylinder, the EFSD, the perfect choice for stop-and-release applications in which electric actuators are more appropriate than pneumatic ones. This new stopper offers superb stop-and-release

surgical valves

Piezo valves from Festo enhance precision in eye surgery
December 10, 2018 by Festo Inc

Eye surgery is a delicate process that requires not only skilled personnel, but also the latest technology. This is why Festo offers proportional and fast-switching surgical valves to go with workstations such as

industrial automation solutions

Festo YouTube channel shows customers how to handle its components
December 3, 2018 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada customers can get the most out of the company’s industrial automation solutions by subscribing to the Festo Service channel on YouTube. This new channel provides videos that explain how users can

parallel gripper

Handling of small, sensitive workpieces is simpler with Festo gripper
November 26, 2018 by Festo Inc

One of the newest breakthroughs from Festo Canada is the EHPS, a powerful parallel gripper designed for standard movements with small workpieces. This electrically driven gripping solution is reliable, economic, and highly versatile.

pneumatic tubing

New tubing by Festo can tackle the roughest processing applications
November 19, 2018 by Festo Inc

Festo has just released its latest innovation in industrial pneumatic tubing: PTFEN, designed specifically for harsh operating environments in food processing and other industries. Compliant with the strict standards of the United States

pneumatic automation components

Festo has acquired Fabco-Air, a manufacturer of pneumatic automation components
November 12, 2018 by Festo Inc

Festo Group has enlarged its already expansive product lineup with its recent acquisition of Fabco-Air, an international leader in the production of pneumatic automation components. Based in Gainesville, FL, Fabco-Air is renowned as

automation technology

Festo Group appoints new chairman of its global management board
October 21, 2018 by Festo Inc

Festo Group and its Canadian affiliate, Festo Canada, are pleased to announce a major leadership change at the company’s world headquarters in Esslingen, Germany. The family-owned global automation technology company recently appointed Oliver

guided drives

Festo guided drives, slides are commonly used in machine design
October 1, 2018 by Festo Inc

Festo Canada’s inventory of automation products includes pneumatic guided drives and slides. Many companies are increasingly using these products in a variety of machine-design applications in which the advantages of added guidance for

automation solutions

Festo opens new Experience Center to demonstrate its innovative products
September 24, 2018 by Festo Inc

Festo customers can now see virtual demonstrations of the company’s automation solutions at the Festo North American Experience Center in Santa Clara, CA. Recently opened, this 5,000-square-foot demonstration pavilion blends Festo’s mastery of

motion control

New motion control package by Festo simplifies setup and integration
September 19, 2018 by Festo Inc

With the Festo Motion Control Package, or FMCP, machine and system designers have two solutions in one product – an optimized motion-control kit for running a Festo robotic handling system, combined with easy

control cabinet solution

Festo now offers valve terminal, control system in one package
August 14, 2018 by Festo Inc

To help machine designers reduce project footprints, Festo now offers two major products – the compact VTUG plug-in valve terminal and the CPX-E master/modular control system – as a package. Both fit comfortably

modular control system

New modular control system by Festo is compact yet powerful
August 8, 2018 by Festo Inc

Festo’s newest innovation is the CPX-E modular control system, a compact and inexpensive – but powerful – device that provides a complete solution for a variety of applications. Designed as an EtherCAT master

underwater robot

Festo’s new underwater bionic robot can swim like a fish
June 26, 2018 by Festo Inc

The latest technological breakthrough by Festo Inc. is a bionic underwater robot that takes the natural propulsion movements of fish and adapts them for industrial purposes, such as applications in wastewater treatment or

valve terminal

Upgraded valve terminal by Festo helps make food production cleaner
May 30, 2018 by Festo Inc

Festo has taken its industry-leading MPA-C valve terminal for food production and made it even better. The compact MPA-C, the centrepiece of Festo’s Clean Design product series, is ideally suited for food-processing applications in which

stainless steel cylinder

Festo stainless steel cylinders are now equipped with extra features
May 22, 2018 by Festo Inc

Among Festo Canada’s most popular industrial products is its CRDSNU stainless steel cylinder series, which is ideal for use in resource extraction and in applications in food processing, chemicals, packaging, and the medical

electric drives

New drive series from Festo is perfect for lightweight applications
April 11, 2018 by Festo Inc

Festo’s diverse line of electric handling systems has just gotten even better, with the addition of the new ELGC/EGSC drive series. This group of electric drives and mini-slides provides an economical solution for

Partnership with NGM Canada will spread Festo technology even further
February 26, 2018 by Festo Inc

As an industry leader for process control and factory automation solutions, both in Canada and globally, Festo Canada is dedicated to developing new technologies and helping industries everywhere benefit from them. And now,

Festo joins forces with Humber College for workforce training program
February 14, 2018 by Festo Inc

Internationally respected technological pioneer Festo provides technical-education equipment and training through Festo Didactic, its educational division. Last year, Festo Didactic solidified its Toronto presence by launching a five-year partnership with Humber College to

Festo upgrades its PUN-H tubing with a new translucent version
February 9, 2018 by Festo Inc

An industry leader in automation, pneumatic, and electric-drive technology, Festo values innovation, durability, and cost-effectiveness in all of the products and services it offers to industrial clients. All of these qualities are evident

New Festo piezo valves use less energy for pressure-control applications
February 2, 2018 by Festo Inc

For more than four decades, Festo has benefited Canadian industries with innovative, intelligent automation solutions that cut costs and boost productivity. Now, the manufacturer has launched two unique designs of piezo valves, the

EV battery-making components are a hot seller for Festo
December 19, 2017 by Festo Inc

Among the high-quality factory automation products that Festo manufactures are components used in assembling lithium-ion batteries for electric-powered vehicles (EVs). The company offers a wide range of solutions for the production of automotive batteries

New rotary drive from Festo is a cost-effective solution
November 27, 2017 by Festo Inc

Festo’s Optimized Motion Series (OMS) consists of electrical axes that save money for users in manufacturing, with their long life and efficient, reliable performance. The line’s newest addition, the ERMO, is a rotary

Festo’s new solenoid valves offer reliable performance and quick delivery
October 12, 2017 by Festo Inc

Festo’s new rugged VUVS-…-S and compact VUVG-…-S  solenoid valves for individual connection offer several advantages to customers. They are both reliable, attractively priced, combinable as valve terminals and available for delivery in Canada

Festo customer realizes big gains from a small investment
October 4, 2017 by Festo Inc

Automation isn’t just for big operations with big budgets. Festo Canada also brings the speed and reliability of state-of-the-art automation systems to small-scale, small-budget automation projects. A recent project with Promation Engineering, a

Festo Canada foresees continued strong growth, top exec says
September 29, 2017 by Festo Inc

With strong sales growth over the last several years, and innovative new products helping to fuel its momentum, Festo Canada’s future has never looked brighter, and there is no slowdown in sight. That

‘Game-changing’ innovations make designing and installing the ideal gantry fast and hassle-free
September 28, 2017 by Festo Inc

Festo’s Handling Guide Online (HGO) is quickly establishing itself as a game-changing innovation in online procurement, allowing engineers to design the ideal, ready-to-install handling system for their application in just minutes. Now, Festo

Festo unveils ‘revolutionary automation technology’
September 27, 2017 by Festo Inc

The new Motion Terminal VTEM from Festo represents the advent of digital, proportional pneumatics run by software — not hardware. This revolutionary automation technology gives users the ability to employ apps displayed on

Festo to feature bionic butterflies at CMTS
August 28, 2017 by Festo Inc

Festo’s “eMotion Butterflies”, developed by the manufacturer’s Bionic Learning Network, will fly for the first time in Toronto at the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS), taking place September 25-28 at the International Centre

New Festo servo press kits an efficient choice for low-pressure applications
August 25, 2017 by Festo Inc

In its ongoing effort to help customers remain energy- and cost-efficient, Festo has launched a new, compact YJKP servo press kit. This unit is optimized for press-fitting jobs up to 17 kN, addressing

Festo expands tabletop gantry series with larger variants
July 18, 2017 by Festo Inc

Festo has added two larger variants to its EXCM compact planar gantry series. The new EXCM-30 and EXCM-40 units are ideal for performing sub-assembly functions in benchtop configurations or in other small work

Festo’s new positioning drive fits many automation needs
June 28, 2017 by Festo Inc

Festo has expanded its highly diversified portfolio with the introduction of its new EMCA positioning drive. Coming from the global leader in automation technology, it’s no surprise that this compact, easy-to-install, integrated drive

Festo advances capabilities of human-robot collaboration
May 18, 2017 by Festo Inc

Festo recently demonstrated three new projects from its famed Bionic Learning Network at the Hannover Fair in Germany. These new robotic concepts, which are based on pneumatics, promise to help advance the frontiers

New angled seat valve features field-friendly modularity
April 27, 2017 by Festo Inc

Festo’s new VZXA delivers everything the process sector requires in an angled seat valve — and more. Key features This unit has optimized bore passages, which enable extremely high flow rates of highly

CRIQ and Festo to open Canada’s first cyber-physical lab in Quebec
April 24, 2017 by Festo Inc

Festo and the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ) are proud to announce the opening of Canada’s first-ever cyber-physical laboratory in the Montreal borough of Saint-Laurent. Known as the CP Laboratory, it

Adaptive gripper fingers bring flexibility to automated handling functions
March 21, 2017 by Festo Inc

Festo has launched the DHAS flexible gripper finger to improve the efficiency and reliability of handling odd or variable shapes and delicate objects in pick-and-place automation. This new bionic handling tool employs a

Festo develops ‘hybrid strategy’ to meet growing consumer needs
March 2, 2017 by Festo Inc

The growing desire for consumers to have custom-designed products, and a broader range of individual product options, has given rise to a new world: digitalization. At the same time, however, cost-efficiently manufactured and

Festo to highlight new automation concepts at Hannover Messe
February 24, 2017 by Festo Inc

Festo will be showcasing three new concepts for automation using superconductor technology at the upcoming Hannover Messe trade fair in Germany. Known as the world’s leading industrial show, Hannover Messe is expected to

Festo Canada expands reach with new distribution agreement
February 22, 2017 by Festo Inc

Festo’s product portfolio, which includes the company’s pneumatic, electrical and process product range, is now available from Aztec Electrical Supply Inc., a fast growing Canadian electrical and automation supplier. The Concord, Ont.-based company

New pressure sensors a versatile, economical choice
February 21, 2017 by Festo Inc

Festo’s next generation SPAU and SPAN pressure sensors offer customers excellent functionality and versatility, in addition to fast, easy installation and commissioning. These economical additions to the Festo range of sensors are designed

Festo’s all-star lineup meets the needs of most automation applications
January 31, 2017 by Festo Inc

When it comes to fulfilling the requirements of automation tasks, Festo Canada has it covered. The company’s core lineup, consisting of more than 2,200 automation components, can reliably meet the needs of 80

Festo’s 'eMotion Butterflies' make their Canadian debut
December 9, 2016 by Festo Inc

Festo is widely known for innovative R&D that takes inspiration from nature to find simple, efficient techniques for automating tasks. Its “eMotion Butterflies” are the latest addition to the company’s unique, nature-imitating bionics

Festo’s compact plug-in an economical, general use valve terminal
November 17, 2016 by Festo Inc

Festo is known for developing innovative products to meet its customers’ needs. So when the leader in automation technology saw the need for an economical, general use valve terminal, it delivered. Meet the

Festo’s pneumatic products increase efficiencies for global packaging producer
November 3, 2016 by Festo Inc

Storopack understands the importance of packaging products — the the right packaging products in the right quantity and quality can help protect goods in transit. To help produce its quality packaging material efficiently,

Festo helps manufacturer achieve significant growth
November 2, 2016 by Festo Inc

Few manufacturers of assembly plants enjoy a growth rate of almost 40 per cent per year. But HAHN Automation does. To achieve this, the machinery manufacturer needs reliable and fast pneumatic automation technology

Festo enhances its electric linear axis with improved features
October 28, 2016 by Festo Inc

Festo is committed to producing innovative products, and continuously improving its offering. The company’s extremely versatile electric linear axis EGC is the latest in its portfolio that has been enhanced to deliver more.

New Festo facility to serve 70 per cent of North American market in one day
October 20, 2016 by Festo Inc

Festo has officially opened its Regional Service Centre (RSC) in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, giving the leading manufacturer of pneumatic and electric automation technology the capability to meets its customers’ needs faster. The

Creating higher efficiencies and profits for mining companies
September 23, 2016 by Festo Inc

Festo will be showcasing its automation solutions for the mining industry at MINExpo International 2016 in Las Vegas from September 26-28. These solutions are proven to shorten time to market for processing machinery

New compact, semi-rotary drive the lightest in its class
September 13, 2016 by Festo Inc

Festo has released its new compact, double-acting, semi-rotary vane drive, calling it the lightest weight semi-rotary drive on the market. Known as the DRVS, the drive is an easy-to-install, cost-effective solution designed for

Simplify inventory with mobile storage units
August 26, 2016 by Festo Inc

Festo’s aim is to help its customers maximize productivity. In addition to offering intelligent automation solutions designed to transform the way people work, the leading manufacturer offers its customers an easy way to

New heavy-duty solenoid valves designed for demanding jobs
August 12, 2016 by Festo Inc

Festo’s new VUVS heavy-duty solenoid valve lineup is a cost-effective yet rugged solution for harsh industrial applications. The versatile valves are a top choice for many users because, not only are they easy

Quebec’s manufacturing sector gets a boost
July 22, 2016 by Festo Inc

A new partnership between the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ) and Festo, a global leader in industrial automation, is set to help speed up the introduction of the principles of Industry

A simpler, lower cost alternative to electric positioning systems
July 13, 2016 by Festo Inc

Festo is always innovating and coming up with automation solutions to help its customers save money and improve performance. The newest addition to the company’s lineup — the EPCO compact electrical cylinder —

New Festo Canada CEO expects continued strong growth
June 24, 2016 by Festo Inc

Sales for Festo Canada have grown at an annual rate of almost 10 per cent during the past five years. The company’s new president and CEO, Roger Hallett, says the new five-year plan

Quarter-turn actuator meets process automation needs
June 24, 2016 by Festo Inc

Festo’s new DFPD quarter-turn actuator series is ideal for a wide range of applications and operating conditions in process automation thanks to its modular and flexible design. And, with each model boasting excellent

Machine safety a top priority for Festo
May 16, 2016 by Festo Inc

Festo takes machine safety very seriously. As a world-leading provider of automation technology, it offers a selection of safety-oriented pneumatic and electrical products designed to ensure optimum safety in the workplace.  Safety solutions

Festo semi-rotary drives offer performance and flexibility
May 12, 2016 by Festo Inc

Festo takes performance and flexibility to a new level with its twin-piston semi-rotary drive DRRD, designed for applications that require a rotation function. This high performance and flexibility is thanks to the device’s

Game-changing configurator allows engineers to design a handling system in five minutes
April 19, 2016 by Festo Inc

Festo’s smart and slick Handling Guide Online (HGO) is now available, giving engineers the tools to easily design an electric robotic handling system for a machine or process in as little as five

Festo to exhibit latest innovations at Hannover Messe
April 13, 2016 by Festo Inc

Festo will be showcasing its latest innovations at Hannover Messe, the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology, from April 25-29 in Hannover, Germany. The global manufacturer of process control and factory automation

Festo electric actuator offers reliability in heavy-duty applications
March 22, 2016 by Festo Inc

When flexibility and control are required in challenging, high-load applications, the new ESBF heavy-duty electrical cylinders from Festo are the ideal solution. Designed for applications that require dynamic forces from 300 N to

New angle seat valve offers versatility, simplicity and more
March 14, 2016 by Festo Inc

As a leading provider of automation technology, Festo has earned a reputation for offering innovative solutions. The company’s newest product — a heavy-duty angle seat valve — is no exception.   The new

Festo offers ready-to-install solutions
February 22, 2016 by Festo Inc

Festo understands that its customers are busy, which is why the leading supplier of automation technology offers a selection of ready-to-install solutions that are configured for the customer’s application. This allows its customers

New cylinders from Festo offer self-adjusting cushioning
February 9, 2016 by Festo Inc

Cylinders are a key component in pneumatic drives; however, the majority of cylinders used in process and factory automation applications today are manually adjusted, which leaves room for error. According to Festo, it

Festo’s core products offer quality and performance
January 16, 2016 by Festo Inc

Festo, a leading supplier of automation technology, has many products that are in high demand because they simplify work for customers, and help make them more productive and innovative. To ensure its customers

Festo continues to lead in innovation, automation and education
January 5, 2016 by Festo Inc

The Festo name is recognized worldwide as a leading supplier of automation technology, industrial training and education programs. With its innovative range of products, solutions and services, the company aims to maximize the

New valves from Festo offer two-way convertibility
March 2, 2015 by Festo Inc

Festo’s new VSNC series of standard solenoid NAMUR valves is two valves in one. It converts easily and quickly from a 5/2-way valve into a 3/2-way valve by simply turning its seal 180

New position transmitters an inexpensive alternative to positional transducers
February 6, 2015 by Festo Inc

There’s a new addition in Festo Canada’s lineup of position sensors. The Mississauga, Ont.-based company has introduced new programmable analog feedback position sensors — the SDAT-MHS series — to bridge the gap between

Achieving food quality through high compressed air quality
December 10, 2014 by Festo Inc

Great care must always be taken when compressed air comes into contact with food, because compressed air is not clean by nature. Extremely strict requirements are stipulated for compressed air quality in the

Need an air compressor? Ask yourself these questions first
August 20, 2014 by Festo Inc

Thinking of going on an air compressor shopping spree for your business? Specialized automation functions need certain types of air compressors that consistently fulfill the required specifications depending on the size, frequency and demands of