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Denso Archco pipeline topcoats resist chemicals, abrasion, and extreme temperature
October 21, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

The unmatched portfolio of corrosion-prevention products by Denso North America includes the Archco series of liquid pipeline topcoats. These coatings are designed to protect concrete and steel surfaces from aggressive work environments, and…

With its recent acquisition and expansion, Denso continues to grow
October 6, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

Denso North America has prevented corrosion in industrial applications for more than 90 years, and it continues to grow today. The company recently announced that Winn & Coales International Limited, its parent company,…

Denso protective outerwraps protect pipeline coatings from damage during installation
September 22, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

A major source of anti-corrosion and sealing products for pipeline and infrastructure applications, Denso North America offers a line of protective outerwraps in its enormous portfolio. These are designed to protect external corrosion…

Bore-Wrap by Denso protects pipe in Kitchener, Ont. drilling project
September 3, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

Denso North America makes sealing and protection solutions that are used widely in infrastructure projects. Earlier this year, Kitchener Utilities in Kitchener, Ont. needed to install about 210 metres of a new yellow…

Denso Protal ST epoxy mastic protects surfaces in challenging environments
August 23, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

Canadian businesses know to count on the team at Denso North America for an unmatched selection of sealing and anti-corrosion products for infrastructure and pipelines. Among these solutions are Protal liquid coatings, which…

Ontario bridge gets superior pile rehabilitation from Denso SeaShield system
August 9, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

Denso North America has satisfied customers for decades with its infrastructure protection products. Last year, a company called Dominion Divers was hired to help repair a concrete bridge over the Black Sturgeon River,…

Denso Protal 7200 is a fast-curing liquid coating for pipeline protection
July 27, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

Pipeline companies count on the lineup of pipeline coatings available from Denso North America, one of many types of anti-corrosion and sealing products the company makes for oil and gas, infrastructure, and more.…

protective pipeline mesh

Protective pipeline mesh by Denso offers protection for anti-corrosion coatings
June 17, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

Denso North America is the perfect source for industrial tools that prevent corrosion, particularly for pipeline builders and maintenance workers. Aside from the company’s renowned selection of high-quality anti-corrosion tapes and liquid coatings,…

primers and pastes

Denso primers and pastes work with tapes for superior results
June 4, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

For the best in anti-corrosion and sealing solutions on pipelines and other infrastructure applications, businesses and municipalities have relied on Denso North America for close to a century. The company manufactures a potent…

Hamilton Harbour

Hamilton Harbour is receiving top protection from Denso petrolatum tape
May 21, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

Denso North America benefits many infrastructure applications with the great anti-corrosion and sealing products that it makes, such as its petrolatum tape systems. The company has built on a long track record of…

measuring system

New measuring system by Endress+Hauser uses clamp-on technology
May 11, 2021 by Endress + Hauser Canada Ltd.

Endress+Hauser Canada Ltd. introduces the Proline Prosonic Flow P 500 measuring system, which includes groundbreaking FlowDC functionality. Users can employ this clamp-on ultrasonic measurement technology with the same high reliability on constricted pipeline…

sealing and moulding

Denso sealing and moulding products offer protection from corrosion
May 10, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

As a leading manufacturer of industrial anti-corrosion solutions, Denso North America carries many key product lines, including a series of sealing and moulding solutions. For example, the Denso Mastic line comprises self-supporting moulding…

asphalt transfer hose

Choosing the right asphalt transfer hose, according to Hose Master
May 6, 2021 by Sudbury International Engineered Products Limited

Hose Master hosing solutions are available from Sudbury International Engineered Products Limited. The lineup includes hoses for transferring tar and asphalt in road and bridge work. This is a hazardous job due to…

sanitary chamber

Sanitary chamber in Toronto counts on Denso for renewed protection
April 26, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

Denso North America supplies world-class protective solutions for pipeline builders, infrastructure workers, and other customers in industries across Canada. From mastics and primers to petrolatum-tape systems, these myriad products keep proving themselves to…

petrolatum tapes

Denso’s petrolatum tapes are ideal for protecting pipelines and fittings
April 12, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

For more than 90 years, pipelines, fittings, and tank bases have received anti-corrosion protection from Denso North America and its line of petrolatum tapes. Since the company created its original Denso Tape, businesses…

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge over Niagara Falls gets protection from Denso solution
March 29, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

Denso North America makes high-quality corrosion-prevention and sealing solutions for infrastructure workers across Canada. A broad range of customers, major municipalities to pipeline corporations, trusts Denso for long-term solutions. One notable example: Rainbow…

road repair products

Denso road repair products offer permanent sealing solutions for streets
March 16, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

A leader in corrosion-prevention and sealing technology in Canada, Denso North America manufactures world-class industrial solutions for all seasons – including spring, when road maintenance becomes a priority for municipalities. Many road businesses…

low temperature coating

Denso Protal 7125 low temperature coating is perfect for winter
February 18, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

A leading innovator in technology for corrosion prevention and sealing, Denso North America offers the Protal line of high-quality pipeline coatings. A key example is Protal 7125, a fast-cure, low temperature coating that…

valve chamber

Niagara Region valve chamber gets waterproof solution with Denso’s help
February 8, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

Denso North America is the country’s best source of petrolatum tape and primers for pipeline protection, road sealing, and more. Another application for these products is waterproofing for sanitary systems, catch basins, and…

injectable petrolatum compound

Denso injectable petrolatum compound fills voids between pipes, cables
January 18, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

For top industrial anti-corrosion solutions, businesses are wise to rely on the selection available from Denso North America. One popular product is the Void Filler brand of injectable petrolatum compound. This solution is…

self-supporting mastic

Self-supporting mastic by Denso is ideal for various sealing applications
January 7, 2021 by Denso North America Inc

Denso North America offers a diverse product range that serves the needs of pipeline and infrastructure companies: petrolatum tape systems, liquid coatings road-repair solutions, and more. Another example is the Densyl Mastic brand…

high temperature coating

Denso Protal high temperature coating for pipelines offers fast curing
December 8, 2020 by Denso North America Inc

Pipelines have received innovative protection from Denso North America for decades. The lineup includes liquid pipeline coatings, like the unique Protal 7900HT: a high temperature coating that can be applied by hand or…

high temperature tape

High temperature tape by Denso resists water, acid, and salt
November 24, 2020 by Denso North America Inc

Denso North America is a major supplier of products that offer long-term protection from corrosion, especially for pipelines, and even in extreme temperatures. The company makes the Denso Hotline Tape system, which includes…

corrosion prevention solutions

Denso offers a broad variety of corrosion prevention solutions, more
November 9, 2020 by Denso North America Inc

An international leader in corrosion prevention solutions and sealing technology, Denso North America has established its reputation with a wide range of products. The company has a proven track record of solving issues…

Tank-Base Protection System

Tank-Base Protection System by Denso is a proven, powerful solution
October 26, 2020 by Denso North America Inc

Denso North America is a key source of anti-corrosion protection and sealing products for pipeline construction, infrastructure, and other sectors. For instance, the company’s unique Tank-Base Protection System is a proven, powerful solution…

colourized petrolatum tape

Denso colourized petrolatum tape is designed for extreme temperatures
October 13, 2020 by Denso North America Inc

Every season of the year requires its own anti-corrosion and sealing solutions. Denso North America offers Denso ColorTape – a unique, colourized petrolatum tape designed specially to withstand extreme temperature variations as it…

high-build coal tar epoxy

High-build coal tar epoxy by Denso protects steel and concrete
September 23, 2020 by Denso North America Inc

Denso North America has earned a stellar reputation for anti-corrosion solutions, including liquid coatings for pipelines and infrastructure. One powerful product is the Protal 600 CTE high-build coal tar epoxy, designed for long-term…

diesel generators

Power plants can manage seasonal heat outages with Red-D-Arc’s help
September 4, 2020 by Red-D-Arc Welderentals

Red-D-Arc Welderentals offers a wide range of equipment: not just welding machinery, but also diesel generators. These come in handy during heat waves, which increase the use of power-hungry amenities like HVAC equipment…

protective pipeline coatings

Denso’s Protal brand of protective pipeline coatings always cures quickly
September 4, 2020 by Denso North America Inc

For 90 years, infrastructure has benefited from high corrosion-prevention and sealing technology by Denso North America, which offers an unmatched portfolio of solutions. The lineup includes the Protal series of protective pipeline coatings…

marine protection systems

Protect structures from water with Denso SeaShield marine protection systems
August 24, 2020 by Denso North America Inc

Denso North America is the manufacturer that Canadian businesses trust for top damage prevention in many industries – construction, oil and gas, government infrastructure, and more. This goes for marine applications in which…

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