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Rosta’s recipe for success: Crafting essential components for seamless food processing
March 15, 2024 by Rosta Inc

Rosta Inc. has kept Canadian industry moving for more than 35 years through its mastery of three kinds of technology – rubber suspensions, oscillating, and tensioning. The company manufactures elements that help with…

Process solutions for plant-based proteins are available from Hosokawa Micron
October 1, 2023 by Firing Industries Ltd

Hosokawa Micron processing equipment is available from Firing Industries Ltd., including mixing and drying solutions for plant-based proteins. As the global population increases, so does the demand for alternative protein sources. Because plant-based…

ABCO Industries has pioneered steam blanching for preserving frozen-vegetable flavour
September 28, 2023 by Firing Industries Ltd

Firing Industries Ltd. recently began supplying products by ABCO Industries Inc., a major manufacturer of washers, blanchers, and rehydrators for food-processing applications. ABCO is renowned as a pioneer in the technology of steam…

The food-processing industry benefits from a variety of Rosta products
March 8, 2023 by Rosta Inc

Rosta Inc. has made important contributions to the Canadian industrial landscape for 35 years and counting, because of its mastery of three kinds of technology: rubber suspensions, oscillating, and tensioning. The manufacturer makes…

How equipment by Hosokawa Micron converts legumes, pulses into protein
December 14, 2022 by Firing Industries Ltd

Hosokawa Micron processing equipment is available from Firing Industries Ltd. One application for which these devices are recommended is plant-based food, particularly pulses and legumes, which get converted into ingredients appropriate for commercial…

Open hopper pump by Seepex makes potato plant safer, efficient
January 26, 2022 by John Brooks Company Limited

Among the many impressive customer success stories that illustrate John Brooks Company Limited’s history is the case of a Southern Ontario vegetable-processing facility that needed a pump solution to deal with potato-peel trims.…

Rosta elements are ideal for machinery in the agriculture sector
November 18, 2021 by Rosta Inc

As the Canadian affiliate of Rosta, a leading international manufacturer of high-quality machine components in rubber-suspension, oscillating-conveyor, and tensioning technology, Rosta Inc. serves organizations in a wide range of industries – including farming.…

How a company optimized its filter press with Wilden pumps
October 21, 2021 by John Brooks Company Limited

John Brooks Company Limited offers evidence of longtime success with its history of customer success stories. Many businesses have benefited from its inventory of fluid-control solutions. For example, one customer needed a new…

Dorner sanitary conveyors meet the demanding needs of the food industry
November 21, 2016 by Wecon Systems Ltd.

Dorner’s AquaGard and AquaPruf lines of stainless steel, sanitary conveyors are the ideal choice for food industry applications. Available in Canada from Wecon Systems, these innovative conveyors feature a hygienic design for fast…

A quick guide to standards development
February 11, 2015 by CSA Group

Standards impact our lives on a daily basis. From the appliances in our homes, to the structures and systems in our offices, to the bridges and roads to get between the two, standards…

Pre-start Health and Safety Reviews: What you need to know
December 19, 2014 by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.

A Pre-start Health and Safety Review (PSR) is the law in Ontario, and must be performed on any new, modified or relocated equipment, or equipment that has been moved into a new workplace…

Achieving food quality through high compressed air quality
December 10, 2014 by Festo Inc

Great care must always be taken when compressed air comes into contact with food, because compressed air is not clean by nature. Extremely strict requirements are stipulated for compressed air quality in the…

Fastener distributor revamps website
November 19, 2014 by Advance Fasteners Ltd

Advance Fasteners, a Mississauga, Ont.-based fastener distributor, has updated its website to provide visitors with a comprehensive range of industrial fasteners and supplies online. The site features hundreds of product lines and tens of thousands…

How to create a flexible and scalable industrial environment
November 19, 2014 by Excess Space Solutions Inc

In warehousing and manufacturing environments, demands often change. As business grows, you may need to move things around to accommodate that growth. Flexibility and scalability are key.  Portable in-plant offices and demountable wall assemblies…

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