REDWIRE Vibration test systems by TIRA manufactured with highly qualified engineering

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A standard TIRA vibration test system

TIRA GmbH is a German manufacturer whose measurement solutions are available from Hoskin Scientific Ltd. Setting new trends with complete systems for industry and research, TIRA makes several categories of industrial products for scientific applications, including balancing technology, material-testing equipment, and vibration test systems.

Like other TIRA offerings, these vibration test systems are trusted in the automotive, aerospace, research, and rolling-stock industries and in test centres.

Constant improvement of quality

A key reason to trust TIRA products is quality management and certification. The company has established its own Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001, to achieve top coordination of processes and resources with the needs of its customers. By adhering to this system, TIRA ensures that it tests and optimizes its processes and procedures continuously with the goal of constant improvement of quality for end users. TIRA has attained the most recent certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Hoskin carries the following options for TIRA vibration test systems:

  • Standard vibration test systems. For simulation of mechanical stress. Customers can choose from modal, calibration, longstroke, or inertial vibration test systems. Nominal forces range from four to 2,700 newtons.
  • Slip tables. Recommended for horizontal vibration tests in mounting positions. Options include oil-film slip tables, hydrostatically guided slip tables, and magnesium slip-table driver bars. A magnesium plate slides on a natural granite block.
  • Head expanders and special fixtures. Individual solutions tailored for client demands. Includes head expanders, load-bearing platforms, and customized fixtures. Head expanders are made out of magnesium and provide expansions for armature tables.
  • Amplifiers. Energy supplies for moving and field coils. Hoskin offers both analog and digital TIRA amplifiers; analog units work for shakers up to a nominal force of 1,000 newtons, while digital ones are recommended for shakers with nominal force of 2,000 newtons or more.
  • Cooling solutions. Recommended for shakers. Among the options are cooling blowers, air-water-heat exchangers, noise protection, and water cooling units.
  • Accessories. To help users to extend their vibration-testing applications. Options include climatic chamber leadthroughs, remote controls, and vibration control systems.

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