REDWIRE Universal data-acquisition system by HBM is the ideal measurement tool

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universal data-acquisition system

The HBM QuantumX universal DAQ system

HBM Test and Measurement serves Canadian manufacturers with innovative products that are available from Durham Instruments. A versatile example is the unique QuantumX universal data-acquisition system, perfect for all measurement needs. Distinguished by its dependability, flexibility, and user-friendliness, this unit has an unmatched ability to acquire any signal or sensor data.

In recent years, the QuantumX has become the industry standard for data acquisition of various physical quantities and sensor technologies.

The three key advantages

This universal data-acquisition system is a versatile device that is the perfect tool for numerous applications – like lab and bench testing, mobile data acquisition, aircraft testing, electric drives, energy storage, service and maintenance, and infrastructure health monitoring. Durham Instruments recommends it for use in the aerospace, automation, food-processing, forestry, medical, military, mining, packaging, power-generation, alternative-energy, and transportation industries.

There are three key advantages that this universal data-acquisition system offers to users – flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. As far as flexibility goes, the instrument is portable for service jobs, and the user can integrate it in real time for bench testing or install it permanently for monitoring applications. Each module is a data-acquisition device with mobile, standalone features that are suited to vehicle testing.

The QuantumX is also reputed for reliability, providing high measurement accuracy due to its patented technology and long-term stability, all confirmed by its integrated calibration certificate. To make it easy to use, HBM has designed it to be small, portable, and compatible with a variety of software platforms, like LabView, Visual Studio, .NET, DIAdem, CANape, and DASYlab.

Another benefit of this instrument is that users can combine it seamlessly with many sensors (like strain gauges, quarter bridges, and resistance thermometers) and the catman software to get a total testing solution. Users just have to “plug and measure” from the sensor to the software to get a dependable measurement chain.

This universal DAQ system is so powerful that it has received acclaim from Toyota Motorsport GmbH, who praised its extremely low measurement uncertainty. Agusta Westland noted the high recording capacity in another glowing testimonial.

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HBM Test and Measurement serves Canadian manufacturers with innovative products that are available from Durham Instrumen... Read more

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