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Versa-Matic and Sandpiper are two of the top international pump manufacturers.

York Fluid Controls Ltd. is a premier, award-winning Canadian specialist in diaphragm pumps, and one of the advantages that distinguishes the supplier is that it stocks two of the industry’s leading brands: Sandpiper and Versa-Matic. Very few distributors handle the portfolios of both of these top manufacturers, but York Fluid Controls has an unusually wide selection. Offering air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps by both of these brands makes York stand out boldly among the competition.

Fifty-five years of trusted expertise

Based in Mansfield, OH and founded in 1965, Sandpiper is a Warren Rupp, Inc. brand that has held a leading position in the AODD pump market for decades. The manufacturer offers the most diverse range of pump sizes, types, and models to meet myriad industrial needs in a broad spectrum of applications. Sandpiper’s trusted solutions expertise allows it to deliver world-class pumping and engineering innovations for difficult and challenging pump needs.

From heavy to standard duty, an unsurpassed range of Sandpiper AODD pump solutions is available in Canada through York Fluid Controls. The inventory includes high-pressure, high-efficiency, metallic, and non-metallic options, as well as centrifugal, containment, ball, and flap designs. Natural-gas-operated pumps are available, in addition to special models for wastewater work. Among the industries that rely on Sandpiper products are aerospace, chemicals, electronics, transportation, mining, oil and gas, packaging, pulp and paper, and steel.

Versa-Matic continues to set new performance standards for AODD pumps, renowned for high consistency, reliability, and trouble-free operation since 1983. Also based in Mansfield, Versa-Matic offers such innovative options as the multi-function pneumatic AODD unit – recommended for its reliability, fast delivery, and convenience – and pumps with Elima-Matic technology, which now includes a unique shoe-valve design.

The wide selection of Versa-Matic solutions available includes several Food Grade food-processing pumps, approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, as well as high-pressure, dewatering, air-driven, and submersible options. Advantages of these products include easy maintenance, minimal downtime, and versatility – useful in such sectors as general manufacturing, ceramics, chemicals, construction, food processing, mining, pharmaceuticals, wastewater, and oil and gas.

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