REDWIRE Rupture discs: types that you actually want to have your back

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Don’t crack under the pressure. Take a break to understand what rupture discs can do for your critical or demanding industrial application.

The why and how of rupture discs

Also known as bursting discs, rupture discs act as one-time pressure relief devices with leak-tight seals used in equipment or within pipes, tubes and vessels. Industries including aviation, aerospace, food processing, nuclear and petrochemical sectors benefit from using rupture discs in their specific applications.

Rupture discs may also work in tandem with safety relief valves to protect industrial equipment by rupturing its non resealable membrane in order to alleviate any internal build up of pressure that may be present in mechanical equipment or systems.

Rupture discs are like a cost-saving martyr

Not only do rupture discs supply fast-acting relief in removing accumulated pressure (measured to the millisecond) but they also can provide long-term relief for a business’ pocketbook.

Because rupture discs isolate the valves from sustaining any damage due to sacrificing themselves by taking the pressure off the relief valves, the overall system is spared from long-term damage, which equals to cost-saving advantages in terms of valve and equipment maintenance and repair.

Stick with the mantra of ‘quality over quantity’

Make sure to use rupture discs that are compliant with universal standard regulations that are engineered to industrial grade quality and performance.

Types of considerations to determine when selecting the best type of rupture discs for your specific application includes burst and operating pressures, operating temperature, burst tolerances and critical leakage levels.

We rip the competition wide open when it comes to commercial and industrial safety solutions

Fike Canada Inc. is a world-class authority that supplies more than just explosion protection and over pressure strategies: we also deliver peace of mind to our clients.

Since 1945, Fike has supplied industry-led products and safety solutions, including rupture discs, pressure relief and activation products for a wide range of industries from aerospace to pharmaceutical.

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Don’t crack under the pressure. Take a break to understand what rupture discs can do for your critical or demandin... Read more

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