REDWIRE Presi metallography solutions meet strict standards with quality and innovation

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The Presi Mecatech 250 DPC polisher

Hoskin Scientific Ltd. carries a selection of products by Presi, which is renowned as a leading manufacturer of machines and consumables in the field of metallography. Founded in France in 1961, Presi is a top performer in quality control and material analysis, with solutions designed to comply with strict standards.

Distinguished by their quality and highly technical specifications to meet these standards, Presi metallography solutions are available from Hoskin in multiple variations.

Cutting, mounting, polishing, hardness, microscopy

Metallography consists of determining and studying the properties and nature of structure in metals, but also highlighting possible heat treatment or surface treatment. Before a worker conducts a metallographic analysis, it is crucial to carry out a succession of specific operations, to obtain a suitable examination surface. This is known as metallographic preparation, which begins with sample collection and ends with microscopic revelation. Presi makes a full range of equipment that assists in all the steps in metallographic preparation of a sample: cutting, mounting, polishing, hardness, and microscopy.

With Presi metallography equipment, the user always works with a metallographic expert virtually by his or her side. The company prides itself in its expertise, flexibility, and responsiveness, paying close attention to customer requests and challenges, regardless of the company size or industry from which it receives these requests.

Many models of Presi cutting machines and polishing machines, under the Mecatome and Mecatech brands respectively, are available from Hoskin. The Mecatome T330, for instance, is an automatic stone-grinding machine that allows quick, extensive removal of material while preserving sample integrity. This fast, powerful cutting machine uses up fewer consumables; it is perfect for laboratories or workshops that conduct tests on many samples.

Another innovative example is the Mecatech 250 DPC, which condenses the entire Presi experience with a motor power from 750 to 1,500 watts, the fullest power range available. This solution guarantees optimal polishing, regardless of the size or amount of samples. Watch this video for a general look at the Mecatech line:

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