REDWIRE POSITAL solutions empower diverse industries: Encoders, inclinometers for unmatched versatility

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Examples of the applications POSITAL serves.

For more than a century, POSITAL-Fraba has kept industry competitive with its selection of motion-control, sensor, encoder, and inclinometer solutions. These products are notable for their high versatility: businesses can use them for a wide variety of applications in a range of sectors, from conveyors to medical devices, energy, and aviation.

Production machinery, material handling, and robotics are among the categories of applications and industries that benefit from POSITAL’s technological mastery.

Conveyor, crane, or hoist control

POSITAL encoders and more are recommended for the following industrial areas:

  • Production machinery. POSITAL encoders facilitate precise control of conveyor belts, offer feedback for safe and precise control of cranes and hoists, assist with tracking and monitoring material flow and inventory levels on warehouses and logistics systems, and allow exact positioning and stacking of pallets in automated palletizing systems. Other relevant sectors in this category include packaging, textiles, plastics, and food processing.
  • Mobile automation. Encoders help with path tracking for drones and automated guided vehicles, and they contribute to collision avoidance among mobile robots and automated vehicles by offering real-time position and speed feedback. They also enable synchronized motion control and help to optimize acceleration in mobile automation systems. POSITAL encoders are also recommended for use with construction machines, cranes, mining, drilling, and arm/boom extension.
  • Material handling. Workers trust POSITAL’s encoders to provide accurate position feedback for components in construction equipment, and they allow monitoring of rotational speed and direction in farming equipment. These devices also play a vital role in GPS systems and autonomous vehicles, offering real-time position/orientation information for precise navigation and guidance, and they measure and monitor loads on lifting machinery.
  • Drives and robotics. Applications in this industry that benefit from POSITAL encoders include position control, torque control, motion planning, and tool centre-point calibration.

In addition to these, POSITAL encoders and inclinometers are commonly trusted in medical devices, gaming and virtual reality, aerospace, alternative energy, solar energy, parabolic through systems, wind energy, slide and vertical floodgates, radial and drum gates, elevators, flow metering, pipe handling, MRI and CT scanners, and much more.

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