REDWIRE Micro-Epsilon’s next-gen confocal sensors: Integrated controllers, robust design for seamless plant integration

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Confocal sensor by Micro-Epsilon

Micro-Epsilon test and measurement solutions are accessible to Canadian businesses via Hoskin Scientific Ltd., such as the IFD2415 and IFD2410 confocalDT chromatic sensors. These instruments are powerful next-generation confocal sensors with integrated controllers and robust, space-saving IP65-rated aluminum housing that allows quick integration into plant equipment, since no optical fibre is needed.

These sensors by Micro-Epsilon are perfectly compatible with high-precision distance and thickness measurement of up to five layers in series applications.

Integrated Industrial Ethernet interface

Quick, stable measurement of varying surfaces, even in dynamic processes up to 25 kilohertz, is possible because of the active exposure-time regulation of the CCD line. Another feature of these measuring systems is high luminous intensity that allows fast, dependable measurement even on dark surfaces. Additionally, the IFD2415 can be used with transparent material for multi-layer thickness measurement. Other specifications of these confocal sensors from Hoskin:

  • measuring ranges of one, three, six, or 10 millimetres;
  • adjustable measuring rate up to 25 kilohertz;
  • resolution from eight nanometres;
  • linearity from ¼ of a micrometre;
  • compact housing with sensor and controller in one; and
  • direct PLC connection with Industrial Ethernet.

The integrated Industrial Ethernet interface in each of these sensors enables direct integration of the sensor into the PLC with no extra interface module. The user gets real-time information with no time delay, plus less installation and wiring effort. The instrument is parameterized in Ethernet mode through the intuitive web interface. Industrial Ethernet makes sure the settings are applied automatically to the PLC environment, which eliminates time-consuming setting in the programming environment.

With the sensor and controller together in one unit, the measurement signal is transmitted to the controller directly and evaluated there. The user mounts the sensor via either three threaded holes in the controller housing or a radial clamp on the sensor head. The versatile connection options (EtherCAT, analog, encoder, RS422) enable simple integration into existing systems and facilities. The user-friendly web interface allows the whole configuration process to be conducted with no extra software; this web interface can be accessed via Ethernet.

To learn more, contact Hoskin.