REDWIRE Mark-10’s line of motorized force testers is available from Hoskin

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Six kinds of Mark-10 motorized force testers

Hoskin Scientific Ltd. carries world-class test and measurement solutions by major international manufacturers, including Mark-10. Among Hoskin’s lineup of industrial testing and quality-assurance solutions are Mark-10 motorized force testers, which come in six distinct models – including three designs with PC control and two versions of advanced test frames.

Recommended for a variety of applications, many of these motorized force testers are highly configurable and offer generous travel, clearance, and depth dimensions.

Single-column or horizontal options

A single-column unit for tension and compression measurement of up to 6.7 kilonewtons (kN), the ESM1500 motorized force tester with PC control is suitable for laboratory and production environments. It can be used with an indicator/load-cell combination or a force gauge, and the available FollowMe force-based positioning simplifies sample setup and fine positioning. The ESM1500 is useful for break testing, cycling, limit testing to a load or distance, load holding, elongation testing, tensile testing, and compression testing.

The ESM303 has similarities to the ESM1500 and works for many of the same applications, but is most recommended for tension and compression measurement tasks of up to 1½ kN. Hoskin also offers the ESM303H, a horizontal variation of the ESM303 that also offers PC control and versatile configuration.

Mark-10 manufactures the F105/F305/F505/F505H family of advanced test frames, force testers designed for tension and compressed-force testing applications with force capacities as high as 2.2 kN. Customers can choose from among vertical or horizontal orientations, as well as a variety of force-sensor capacities, grips, and fixtures. A similar option available is the F755/F1505 group of advanced test frames, built for tension and compression-force testing with force capacities as high as 6.7 kN. With both groups of test frames, users can set up tests and record/analyze information with IntelliMESUR software; one can also choose from a preconfigured tablet control panel or standalone software from any Windows device.

Finally, the ESM1500 and ESM750 single-column force testers have capacities of up to 6.7 and 3.4 kN respectively. Users can satisfy various test methods via and intuitive menu with selectable test parameters, like speed or number of cycles.

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