REDWIRE Industrial cloths and wipes: five things you don’t want to hear

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Posted by Walter Surface Technologies

Walter Surface Technologies is an International leader offering solutions to metalworking professionals in North America... Read more

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Ensure that your equipment and machinery perform at its peak by sticking to industrial grade cleaning solutions, which will pay large dividends for your business in the long-term. 

The industrial cloth market is saturated with products that yield little to no return on the significant investment of high-end equipment and tools maintenance.

Brush up on the following industrial wipe and cloth faux pas that you don't want to hear to help you shortlist the competition.

Too expensive

Disposable wipes literally flush your resources and hard earned revenue down the drain.

Although convenient in its compact design, pre-cut wipes take a bite out of your budget when it comes to constantly replenishing the supply.

Invest in high-grade, reusable cleaning alternatives rather than ‘one size fits all-purpose’ wipes that fall short to custom and large-scale demands.

Too abrasive

No one likes to be on the receiving end of a harsh reception. So imagine the pummeling your delicate machinery takes from harsh cleaning products that wears down their enamel and overall integrity.

Choose a gentler approach that includes effective, environmentally friendly ingredients.


Soaking up knowledge like a sponge is the perfect analogy of what you demand in your industrial wipes soaking up grease.

Whether polishing machinery to a brilliant shine or removing stubborn grime, amplify your industrial cleaning accessories by using products that safely penetrate and sanitize on contact.


Leave streaking to those brave souls who test the winter elements, not for your industrial grade machinery surfaces.

Opt for industrial wipes that leave no residue behind, which is essential to the hygiene, health and safety of employees cleaning and operating the equipment.

Too Flimsy

Similar to a flimsy excuse, you can see straight through its weakness when put to the test.

The overall construction of industrial cleaning wipes will reveal itself in its performance in adhering to industry-approved mixtures and specifications.

Nix small wipes that can buckle under the pressure and disintegrate; invest in wipes that have a large square footage to handle large-scale degreasing jobs.

Choose industrial wipes with staying power

Bio-Circle POWERCLOTH is specifically designed with demanding industries in mind. Specially formulated to safely handle all your metallic, plastic and ceramic surface degreasing jobs, Bio-Circle POWERCLOTH is a cost-saving cleaning solution that packs a powerful punch each with up to 2000 uses.  

Powered with innovative Microstar Technology, Bio-Circle absorbs oils, fluids, sealants and chemicals 40 times better than conventional cotton or paper wipes. Removing contaminants at the microscopic level means precision cleaning to larger surfaces, which translates into reducing your paper and towel waste in no time.

Need help wiping out the competition?

Since 1952, Walter Surface Technologies has an international reputation, with distinction, as a notable leader in environmentally friendly solutions in the metalworking industry.

We offer the whole Bio-Circle family line of products that is compatible with Bio-Circle POWERCLOTH products.

With offices in North and South America, as well as Europe, we have a global reach in providing customer service excellence and top-of-the-line products in high performing abrasives, welding and power tools, and of course, industrial cleaners.

Outshine the competition. Get your Bio-Circle POWERCLOTH sample demo by contacting us or visiting today!


Posted by Walter Surface Technologies

Walter Surface Technologies is an International leader offering solutions to metalworking professionals in North America... Read more

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