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Posted by Sugatsune Canada Inc

Given the current global pandemic and the surge of demand for medical equipment and devices for healthcare facilities, i... Read more

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Sugatsune offers a broad range of hardware solutions for medical environments.

Given the current global pandemic and the surge of demand for medical equipment and devices for healthcare facilities, it is crucial that the materials used for these products are of the best quality. Sugatsune considers the need, importance, and implications of having anti-corrosive and durable hardware for clean room and healthcare environments. With just over 6,000 hardware products available in North America, here are a few examples of hardware which may be used in medical facilities:

STF-CV150 Series: Clean Room Draw Latch

The STF-CV150 series of draw latches is fabricated with 316 stainless steel and features a polypropylene handle cover that prevents metal-to-metal contact, making it highly anti-corrosive and suitable for clean rooms, medical devices and food-production equipment. When combined with our TF-40C Heavy Duty Counter Plate, this unique draw latch has an impressive 330-kg (727 lbs.) load capacity that creates a firm and secure closing of the door to the frame.

LB-CV215A: Clean Room Lid Stay

For upward opening lids, the LB-CV215A lid stay has a plastic bushing and end cap made of ABS, which minimizes particles from releasing in the air, thereby avoiding metal-to-metal contact. This lid stay is non-handed and may be used individually for loads up to 15 kg (33 lbs) or in pairs for loads up to 30 kg (66 lbs.) It is recommended to be installed parallel to the sidewall. When in use, the lid is firmly held in the opened position and may be released by a slight upwards lift.

HG Series: Clean Room Hinges

With material properties and features which reduce particles from releasing in the air, these hinges were designed for clean-room use and may also be used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

The HG-CV127 Heavy Duty Clean Room Lift-off Hinge made of 304 stainless steel has a door weight capacity of up to 100 kg (220 lbs.) per pair. The hinge contains a built-in thrust bearing and needle bearing, as well as a seal on the rotating part, which reduces metal-to-metal friction.

The HG-P100 Clean Room Butt Hinge body is made of PVC; therefore, there would be no metal particles releasing in the air. It comes with a Titanium pin and is lead-free.

The HG-CV and HG-CV65N series Clean Room Butt Hinge and Lift-off Hinge, respectively, for cabinetry sized doors, have an aluminum alloy body, with 303 stainless steel pin, and plastic caps at rotating part to prevent metal-to-metal friction.

MC-JM Series: Sealed Magnetic Catches and Counter Plates

The MC-JM45 and MC-JM50 series are hermetically sealed magnetic catches with polypropylene and polyacetal body, respectively. They are available in black and white finish – the white finish is NSF-certified.

The MC-JM63G series consists of hermetically sealed magnetic catches with polyacetal body and alternative fixation points for mounting.

The MC-JM49 counter plate made of 304 stainless steel or the MC-JMP45 series of Polypropylene sealed counter plates are available to be combined with these magnetic catches.

EB Series: Stainless Steel Folding Bracket and New Lever Release

The EB series of folding brackets, made of 304 stainless steel, offers three models with varying sizes and weight capacities. At most, the evenly distributed central load is 200 kg (440 lbs.). This folding bracket locks the flap in the opened position and releases it back to the wall or counter by the press of a lever. These are ideal solutions for temporary foldable tabletops and for path circulation clearance. The EB-303/EP is NSF-certified, complying with sanitation for food production areas.

Now available with built-in damper, the EB-303/EP-D folding bracket is made of 304 stainless steel and releases the flap to the wall or counter in soft-closing motion.

The Lever Release series for EB folding brackets is the newest addition to the collection, allowing easy operation for larger flaps, where two or more folding brackets are used. The set consists of a connecting rod, side handles for 1,000-mm and 1,500-mm lengths, and additionally a centre handle for a 2000-mm length. There is a push mechanism on the handles, which may be activated to lock and release levers with just one hand. Rods are made of corrosive resistant aluminum and may be cut to desired length.

For more information about our Bracket hardware for mounting monitors, equipment, flaps, and shelving, please click here:

HG-PA Series: Power Assist Hinge

Our HG-PA Series Power Assist Hinges feature Sugatsune’s Motion Design Tech product concept for easy operation, as the power assist feature reduces the effort of the user opening the lid and the soft-close motion prevents the lid from slamming shut. To accommodate various applications, hinges within this series can be internally or externally surfaced mounted to the back or top of boxes in larger medical and machinery equipment.

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Posted by Sugatsune Canada Inc

Given the current global pandemic and the surge of demand for medical equipment and devices for healthcare facilities, i... Read more

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