REDWIRE GCD gauge head by TE Connectivity offers reliability, long life

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Durham Instruments supplies the GCD gauge head.

Durham Instruments supplies many TE Connectivity solutions, including the GCD gauge head. Made of stainless steel with an all-welded construction, this heavy-duty, long-stroke device can function in environments that contain moisture, dirt, and other contaminants, and its electronic components have been sealed hermetically for extra protection against hostile conditions.

With ranges up to plus or minus 50 millimetres, the GCD series offers a typical maximum spring force of 226.8 grams at fully compressed electrical stroke, depending on probe position.

Available in AC or DC

The working end or probe of this gauge head has a removable chrome-plated, hardened tool steel tip threaded to it with a 4-48 UNF-2A threading; TE Connectivity offers replacement and alternate contact tips, and they are interchangeable with AGD dial indicator tips. The internal construction prevents the core and shaft from rotating as they move longitudinally. Cables are easily replaced when damaged, without sacrificing sensors, as the units terminate into connectors. External threading simplifies installation and adjustment, with locknuts provided.

The manufacturer offers this series in AC or DC versions; AC units use external signal conditioning, while DC-operated ones incorporate the core, the spring-load linear variable differential transformers, and all required electronics in one housing. Most of the volume, weight, and cost of conventional AC excitation is eliminated via monolithic, surface-mount circuitry, as are amplification and demodulation equipment.

Other notable features of this gauge head:

  • MS-type connector;
  • compatibility with all MEAS signal conditioners;
  • 0.6-micrometre repeatability;
  • high side-load resistance;
  • IEC IP68 rating up to 1,000 pounds per square inch; and
  • long life cycle.

Each unit operates on a nominal plus or minus 15VDC supply and delivers an extremely linear, low-noise plus or minus 10VDC output. The GCD windings are vacuum-impregnated with a specially formulated, high-temperature, flexible resin, and the coil assembly is potted inside its housing with a two-component epoxy, for strong protection against shock and vibration.

The GCD series is useful in many industries. Durham Instruments deems it suitable for general manufacturing, aerospace, automation, food processing, forestry, the medical field, the military, mining, packaging, power generation, alternative energy, and transportation.

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Durham Instruments supplies many TE Connectivity solutions, including the GCD gauge head. Made of stainless steel with a... Read more

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