REDWIRE Dytran’s VC MEMS accelerometers: Pioneering precision from low-frequency measurement to dynamic events

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The three categories of VC MEMS accelerometers

Hoskin Scientific Ltd. carries test and measurement solutions by Dytran Instruments, including variable-capacitance (VC) MEMS accelerometers. Dytran’s accelerometers are used to measure the vibration levels of objects for common industrial applications like product testing and development, structural monitoring, and machinery health-monitoring management. Test engineers use accelerometers to gather critical information to identify faults and adjust the design of testing objects accordingly. These devices help businesses properly monitor and test products and equipment to prevent performance failure.

Dependable operation in demanding conditions

Offering unsurpassed measurement accuracy and robust packaging for dependable operation in demanding work conditions, Dytran VC MEMS accelerometers are high-quality sensors with internal MEMS sensing elements. Customers can use them for measuring low-frequency response down to zero hertz, steady state-linear acceleration, and low-frequency dynamic events. They are also compatible with dynamic applications in various sectors, like flight tests, transportation environment replication/simulation, modal and structural analysis, ride quality, road load, tilt, and inclination measurement. For machinery health-monitoring management, engineers can use vibration data to find minor faults before they grow into disastrous failures, resulting in unplanned downtime.

Three categories of Dytran VC MEMS accelerometers are available from Hoskin: single-access instruments; triaxial instruments; and Six Degrees of Freedom accelerometers. The single-access family consists of 11 different models, including four types of high-precision MEMS accelerometers, two types of DC response accelerometers, and two kinds of extended low-frequency accelerometers. Also accessible to customers are two models of standard VC accelerometers in this category.

The Six Degrees of Freedom group consists of three Dytran solutions – the Vibrascout 6DoF USB vibration measurement system, the analog 6DoF sensor, and the Vibracorder II next-generation vibration recorder. The Vibrascout is a cost-efficient plug-and-play data-acquisition system that also works for fast vibration surveys. The analog 6DoF sensor measures XYZ acceleration and roll, pitch, and yaw, while the Vibracorder II allows engineers to capture on-the-spot, static, and dynamic acceleration measurement at the press of a button.

Triaxial VC MEMS accelerometers by Dytran include three models of high-precision triaxial MEMS accelerometers, plus a triaxial DC response accelerometer and variations of the Vibrascout and Vibracorder instruments.

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