REDWIRE DEWESoft data-acquisition solutions are the ultimate tools for measurement engineers

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Hoskin carries many DEWEsoft products.

Hoskin Scientific Ltd. carries an amazing range of test and measurement solutions, including data-acquisition (DAQ) equipment by DEWESoft. This manufacturer designs and makes versatile, user-friendly DAQ systems and more that serve as the ultimate tools for test and measurement engineers – with a vision to simplify the technological advancement of humanity.

By developing innovative products customized according to user needs, DEWESoft fulfills its goal of challenging, changing, and revolutionizing the world of measurement technology.

Maximum performance, stunning design

Founded in 2000 and based in Slovenia, DEWESoft always creates solutions with the end-user experience in mind, by always thinking differently and bounding itself to the highest standards. The company strives to be the client’s ultimate choice in measurement equipment developed for maximum performance and with stunning design. DEWESoft can offer the appropriate solution for every application just by collaborating closely with customers on highly demanding projects.

As a best-in-class supplier of DAQ devices, DEWESoft sets itself apart by the human element in its approach. Unlike other manufacturers, which start with the product and end with the user experience, DEWESoft reverse-engineers its solutions – beginning with the required user experience before building the hardware and software around the mission of delivering the quickest, most efficient, most intuitive user experience possible. DEWESoft engineers moments that elevate customers’ understanding of specific learning outcomes.

DEWESoft options that are available through Hoskin:

  • USB and EtherCAT DAQ systems. Versatile, modular, and easy-to-use devices that can work with any signal and sensor with the highest precision possible.
  • Rugged DAQ systems and data loggers. Designed to function in extremely harsh conditions, with cutting-edge signal conditioning.
  • DAQ and real-time control systems. Capable of high-quality signal conditioning, data recording, processing, and use as a real-time control front-end all at once.
  • DAQ software. Including DEWESoft X, the world’s leading DAQ, data-recording, and data-analysis software, a winner of multiple international awards over the past 20 years.
  • Data interfaces, sensors, and actuators. Including USB CAN and CAN FD devices, GNSS receivers, IMU and INS inertial positioning devices, inertial measurement units, and high-speed cameras.
  • Accessories. Designed with quality and ease of use.

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