REDWIRE Customers get world-class pressure transducers under the Kulite brand name

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Kulite transducers are available from Hoskin.

Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. is recognized worldwide as the leading name in transducer technology, and its instruments are available through Hoskin Scientific Ltd. The manufacturer maintains its edge with innovative research, ingenious designs, and forward-thinking minds. With more than 400 patents, Kulite has developed high-performance, world-class custom and stock products.

A key specialty of Kulite is a selection of pressure transducers for extreme and harsh environmental conditions in many applications and industries around the world.

Time-tested technology for transportation applications

The producer’s continuous investment in research and development has resulted in the pioneering of new sensing technologies, in addition to the improvement of existing solutions in such industries as aerospace, process control, the military, the marine sector, and the automotive industry. As the world’s top supplier, designer, and manufacturer of instruments for both commercial and military aircraft applications, Kulite has single-handedly revolutionized the pressure transducer for the aerospace sector.

Kulite’s time-tested technology is compatible with other forms of transportation too. The company collaborates closely with automotive engineers to design transducers for testing and measuring pressure for the competitive racing circuits of Formula One and IndyCar. Kulite’s world headquarters, located just outside of New York City, attracts the best and brightest scientists, engineers, and administrators in America; its relationships with universities and research centres worldwide, plus its unprecedented patents and ongoing technological accomplishments, justify its position at the forefront of the transducer industry.

Hoskin carries Kulite pressure transducers for use in the automotive, aerospace, military, marine, and space industries. The lineup includes more than 25 models of general-purpose pressure transducers, as well as pressure scanners and pressure-sensor signal conditioners. Options are available for resource exploration and production too.

As a global innovator and leader, Kulite has both the vision and the knowledge to make pressure transducers for a wide range of industries, scenarios, and conditions. In addition to many variations of a broad variety of generic models, the company can make low-volume quantities and customize any product to conform to specific customer needs and requests with Hoskin’s assistance. Trust Kulite for the best in this field.

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