REDWIRE CSZ environmental test chambers offer reliable performance and high quality

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Battery test chambers by CSZ, available from Hoskin

Hoskin Scientific Ltd. supplies instrumentation for scientific applications from many innovative manufacturers, such as Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) – a veteran producer of environmental test chambers. These chambers assist with safety and reliability testing for manufacturers by subjecting their products to real-world climate and wear extremes, including temperature, humidity, altitude, and vibration.

For more than 80 years, businesses all over North America have counted on CSZ environmental test chambers to support safe and reliable product creation.

Delivering both value and performance

CSZ makes a complete range of standard and custom-designed environmental test chambers that meet the most demanding requirements for product testing and are always built to last. Customers rely on these chambers to perform dependably every day, so the CSZ team delivers both value and performance, focusing on quality product design and the most reliable customer support in the industry.

The chambers range from small benchtop units to full rooms that can accommodate semi-trucks and trailers. All have quality construction and innovative technology, with temperatures ranging -80 to 350 degrees Celsius and humidity from ten to 98 per cent RH. The following environmental test chambers are available from Hoskin:

  • Battery test chambers. Battery-powered units for the automotive, military, telecommunications, and computer industries.
  • Benchtop variation tables. Perfect for reliability testing of compact items and electronics.
  • Tundra refrigeration systems. For efficient testing of products at low temperatures with one compressor.
  • HALT and HASS chambers. For accelerated stress testing of temperature and vibration capabilities.
  • Industrial heating and drying lab ovens. Designed for batch processing.
  • MicroClimate benchtop test chambers. A full range of temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Remote conditioners. For unique tests that will not fit into standard chambers.
  • StableClimate II stability chambers. Providing a stable, conditioned environment.
  • Temperature test chambers. For steady-state stability testing, basic temperature cycling, or accelerated stress testing.
  • Temperature, humidity, and altitude chambers. Blending temperature and altitude/vacuum with optional humidity.
  • Thermal shock chambers. Tailored environmental stress screening of component and board electronic assemblies.
  • Walk-in and drive-in chambers. For testing or storing items that require large capacities.

For more information, contact Hoskin.