REDWIRE CMTS 2023 features innovative Festo solutions, Sept. 25 to 28

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Posted by Festo Inc

Innovate today for a new tomorrow   For nearly a hundred years Festo has provided proven Industry Leadership, Super... Read more

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At the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show, Festo will be demonstrating how it is streamlining engineering with digital design tools like the Handling Guide Online for 2D/3D gantry design and online product configurators like the Electric Motion Sizing tool for servo drives.

Festo Canada is exhibiting at this year’s Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS), which happens at the Toronto Congress Centre from Sept. 25 to 28. The corporation showcases its latest motion-control technology for performing myriad applications – simple, complex, and anything in between, while helping to position customers for a sustainable future.

At CMTS 2023, attendees can see examples of how Festo has become a leading equipment supplier, with production solutions for electric vehicles, life sciences, and other fast-growing industries.

Unprecedented flexibility in distributing control

Festo Didactic will be on hand to demonstrate its technical-education products, including the MPS 403-1 learning system, a miniature production line that provides deep insight into the intelligent networking of equipment in the production environment and in its work processes.

Some of Festo’s newest technological advances also will be in the spotlight, including CMMT multi-protocol series drives for servo and stepper motors, which unlock extra value with their mix of networking flexibility, simplicity, and design updates, and the new CPX-AP-A and CPX-AP-I automation systems, which offer unmatched flexibility in distributing control and input/output.

Under the theme of “Blue Path to Higher Efficiency”, Festo is showcasing recent innovations that offer estimates for annual energy consumption, as expressed in kilowatt/hours or the equivalent in carbon-dioxide emissions to forge users’ sustainability paths. Festo is dedicated to being a world leader in promoting sustainability on the road to a net-zero future, and all of its German plants and worldwide production and logistics facilities will be carbon-neutral by the end of 2023.

Other solutions that the company is featuring:

  • Simplified Motion Series. Electric actuators that are extremely easy to commission. Unmatched for performing simple motion and positioning applications with simple pneumatics.
  • ELGC handling. Easy, flexible, and efficient mechanical systems for such sectors as battery assembly.
  • Festo Automation Platform. A range of electric and pneumatic automation products that benefit users highly in terms of performance, flexibility, cost savings, and engineering productivity.

Festo will occupy Booth 1829 at CMTS 2023. Attendees can see how the company’s Blue Path to Higher Efficiency helps capture sustainability benefits, by streamlining engineering, reducing energy consumption, and training the workforce in building sustainability.

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Posted by Festo Inc

Innovate today for a new tomorrow   For nearly a hundred years Festo has provided proven Industry Leadership, Super... Read more

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