REDWIRE B&K miniature accelerometer is ideal for confined spaces, delicate structures

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The Type 4516 miniature CCLD accelerometer

Durham Instruments supplies a large inventory of Brüel & Kjær measurement solutions, like the Type 4516 miniature CCLD accelerometer. This is a piezoelectric shear accelerometer with integral electronics, an adhesive mount, and integral cable. It comes recommended for measurements in confined spaces and on delicate structures.

Weighing 1½ grams with a frequency range from one to 20,000 hertz, the Type 4516 accelerometer features a transducer with an integral low-noise cable terminating in a 10-32 UNF female electrical connector.

High degree of linearity

The Type 4516 includes a built-in preamplifier, and the sensitivity is expressed in voltage per unit acceleration. In the shear design, the piezoelectric element undergoes shear deformation as in the DeltaShearÆ design. Two rectangular slices of piezoelectric material are positioned on each side of a rectangular centre post, and two bolts pre-stress the piezoelectric elements. This results in a high degree of linearity and stellar immunity to base bending and temperature fluctuation. The signal is collected and amplified in the amplifier. The housing material is stainless steel, with a quartz sensing element.

The transducer is individually calibrated with innovative FFT technology, which offers an 800-point high-resolution calibration – resulting in a unique characterization and securing the integrity of the vibration measurement. The sensitivity on the calibration chart has been measured at 159.2 hertz, with a 95 per cent confidence level, using a coverage factor of k=2. Because of the small size, careful mounting is necessary to ensure correct function over the full frequency range.

Other technical specifications:

  • Temperature range: -51 to 121 degrees Celsius
  • Sensitivity: 1.02 millivolts per millisecond to the power of minus two
  • Residual noise level in specific frequency range: plus or minus 6,000 micrograms
  • Maximum operational level (peak): 500 grams
  • Clip/stud/screw included: none
  • Unit: millivolts
  • Resonance frequency: 40 kilohertz
  • Maximum shock level (peak): plus or minus 1,500 grams

The B&K Type 4516 miniature CCLD accelerometer is a versatile unit, compatible with use in many industries. Durham Instruments recommends it for general manufacturing, aerospace, automation, food processing, forestry, the medical field, the military, mining, packaging, power generation, alternative energy, and transportation.

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