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hammer impact applet

Brüel & Kjær offers the unique BK Connect hammer impact applet, available from Durham Instruments.

Durham Instruments supplies many test and measurement tools to Canadian businesses, like the Brüel & Kjær BK Connect hammer impact applet. This is a dedicated tool for characterizing structural properties like resonances in troubleshooting, benchmarking, design-verification, quality-control, or material-testing scenarios while using roving or fixed hammer-impact testing. For a full modal analysis on complex structures, users can export acquired FRFs to BK Connect Modal Analysis Types 8420 and 8420-A.

For specific, repetitive tasks

With an interface and product structure designed throughout the development process with user roles as a dominant theme, this hammer impact applet focuses on the operator role, offering easy-to-use interfaces to conduct specific, often repetitive tasks. Durham Instruments recommends this versatile tool for use in general manufacturing, aerospace, automation, food processing, forestry, the medical field, the military, mining, packaging, power generation, alternative energy, transportation, and research and development.

Useful for data acquisition and recording, data management and reporting, and more, the BK Connect measures a broad range of functions, like time signals, auto- and cross-spectra, coherence functions, and frequency-response functions. Its features include an interactive graphical interface with front-end hardware, integrated transducer manager and database, automatic calibration signal detection, real-time monitor, single or random impact techniques, integrated reporting in the test process with embedded Microsoft PowerPoint templates, support of SI and imperial units, and support of accelerometers, displacement, and velocity transducers.

The BK connect hammer impact applet is recommended for the following use scenarios:

  • roving impact testing with up to three uni-axial accelerometers, or one tri-axial accelerometer, as reference;
  • fixed impact testing with fixed accelerometers for smaller setups and roving accelerometers for larger setups; or
  • measurement of FRFs as input to modal parameter estimation with BK Connect Modal Analysis Types 8420 and 8420-A.

Since the resulting data can be shared with and used by full BK Connect systems, customers can access all the standard BK Connect metadata attributes. Users can pair the applet with any single LAN-XI module from the single-channel Type 3161 to the 12-channel Type 3053 or LAN-XI Light Type 3676. Additional modules can be added with an upgrade.

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Durham Instruments supplies many test and measurement tools to Canadian businesses, like the Brüel & Kjær BK Connect... Read more

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