REDWIRE AR200 laser displacement sensors by Acuity cover many measuring ranges

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Durham Instruments carries Acuity AR200 sensors.

Durham Instruments teams up with Acuity to provide world-class measurement sensors to Canadian businesses. This includes the AR200 series of measurement sensors, the most compact laser displacement sensors available from the manufacturer. The AR200 lineup contains several models of triangulating laser devices that cover metric measurement ranges from six to 100 millimetres (mm). These are the only sensors of their kind with push-button selection of Analog, Limit Switch, and Serial output signals on standard models.

Designed to handle challenging environments

Designed to handle challenging environments, the AR200 series of laser displacement sensors is ideal for such applications as water fabrication, automobile brakes, laser calipers, steel strip mills, and postal automation. Each device aims a Class 2 visible laser spot onto a target to gauge its distance accurately, and the user can program it with serial commands through a PC computer.

Five models are available, all of which achieve a resolution of 0.03 per cent across their entire measurement spans. Each one has a range in mm that matches the model number; for example, the AR200-50M can measure 50 mm to within 15 micrometres, while the AR200-6M can measure up to six mm.

Additional options for these laser displacement sensors include the following:

  • a connectivity kit with terminal blocks, serial cable, and power supply;
  • cables with optional lengths and polyurethane jackets;
  • a software library; and
  • a touch-panel display that can monitor up to two sensors for thickness measurements, with an RS485 output.

Other specifications: sample rates from two to 1,250 hertz, or sample on command; weight of 85 grams; operating temperature from zero to 60 degrees Celsius; standoff from 21 to 79 mm to middle of span; linearity from seven to 203.2 micrometres at plus or minus 0.2 per cent of span; and resolution of nine to 30.5 micrometres at plus or minus 0.03 per cent of span.

The AR200 series is a popular choice for forestry, the medical field, and high-technology sectors, and Durham Instruments recommends it for general manufacturing, aerospace, automation, food processing, the military, mining, packaging, power generation, alternative energy, and transportation.

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Durham Instruments teams up with Acuity to provide world-class measurement sensors to Canadian businesses. This includes... Read more

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