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Wear Indicating Sprockets

Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. offers sprockets that utilize patented wear indicator technology. Our Smart Tooth sprockets enable users to identify and schedule maintenance before critical drive system components fail. These sprockets have strategically placed wear indicator pins on one or more of the teeth. The pins provide visual indication of whether the sprocket is still within allowable tolerance for wear or if it needs replacement. This technology is ideal for applications that are driven by capital equipment or where non-scheduled downtime is unacceptable. We have custom manufacturing capabilities so we can supply sprockets to meet any requirement.

Smart Tooth sprockets

Smart Tooth sprockets offer an easy way to monitor reduction in sprocket tooth profile area. This is important because worn sprocket teeth will cause poor fit, misalignment, improper chain wrap, and accelerated chain wear. Eventually, this leads to loss of tension, chain jumping, drive slipping, and system failure. 

Smart Tooth sprockets can extend chain life by eliminating guesswork and making maintenance more predictable. As a result, they can reduce the overall cost of ownership for equipment. The different types of Smart Tooth sprockets available include:

  • ANSI 80 through 240
  • British Standard
  • Double pitch
  • Engineering class
  • Carbon steel
  • Hardened and non-hardened teeth
  • Types A, B, and C (With no hub extension, one-sided hub extension, or two-sided hub extension)
  • Taper-lock style
  • QD style
  • Split-taper style

Company expertise

Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. is a division of Tsubakimoto Chain Co. We are the world’s largest manufacturer of roller chain and have been earning a reputation for dependability over the past 100 years.

Industries served

Our sprockets are used in a wide variety of industries and applications. Some examples include mining, forestry, food processing, manufacturing, automotive, water treatment, and metal processing.


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.