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U V Curing Adhesives

Master Bond Inc. ultraviolet (UV) curing adhesives, sealants and coatings, and potting and encapsulation compounds, are no mix systems that cure with a UV light source at a wavelength of 320-365 nm. These one part systems are fast curing and certain grades can cure in just a matter of seconds.  They are formulated to achieve excellent adhesion to similar and dissimilar substrates, such as metals, glass, ceramics, rubbers and difficult to bond to plastics. Our wide selection of UV curable adhesives includes products that feature optical clarity, low outgassing, high strength, and more.

Performance properties of Master Bond UV Curing Adhesives

Specific grades of UV curable adhesives vary in viscosity, hardness, thermal and electrical properties, but can be customized to fit precise requirements. Properties are retained upon exposure to adverse environmental conditions, including exposure to chemicals and high temperatures. Compounds are designed for medical, electronic, automotive, optical, aerospace and numerous other applications. Examples of particular applications include bonding lenses, voice coils, magnets, syringes, catheters, LEDs, headlamps, sensors, wire tacking and connectors. 

Popular UV Curable Adhesives

Master Bond’s research and development chemists have created a line of UV compounds to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Some of these products are highlighted below:

  • UV25 features a glass transition temperature exceeding 180°C and offers exceptional thermal stability over the broad service temperature range of -51°C to +260°C (-60°F to +500°F). It is optically clear with a refractive index of 1.55 at room temperature. This adhesive, sealant, coating and encapsulation compound is also a reliable electrical insulator.
  • UV10TKLO-2 system can be cured in thicker sections, up to 1.5875 mm (1/16 of an inch) and can be easily "layered" to higher levels. Most significantly, its low outgassing properties enable this UV product to be used in a wide array of optical, electro-optical and vacuum applications that until now have been "off limits" for UV curable epoxies.
  • UV10TKMED is USP Class VI approved and meets ISO10993-5 for cytotoxicity requirements. It is used in the assembly of medical devices and is capable of withstanding repeated sterilizations, including radiation, ethylene oxide, chemical sterilants and especially autoclaving. This higher viscosity, one part system has exceptionally good optical clarity, sterling physical properties and a very high glass transition temperature (Tg) that exceeds 140°C.
  • UV15-42C is a very high strength, one part, translucent adhesive that can withstand thermal and mechanical shocks while retaining excellent dimensional stability. It is a competent electrical insulator and has exceptionally low shrinkage upon curing. UV15-42C is not oxygen inhibited and will cure in thicknesses up to 6.35 mm (¼ inch). Adhesion to glass, polycarbonates and acrylics is outstanding.
  • UV15TK has a cationic curing mechanism with no oxygen inhibition. These kinds of systems have low shrinkage (1-2%) and higher temperature resistance than the majority of UV compounds. The glass transition temperature (Tg) with a straight UV cure is 95-100°C and when post cured for 30 minutes at 125°C, the Tg is 135°C.
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