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Torque Transducers

A broad selection of torque transducers is available from Durham Instruments.  These devices are used to measure and record torque on rotating systems such as engine crankshafts or bicycle cranks. Most torque transducers utilize strain gages applied to the rotating shaft or axel. They can also use slip rings, wireless telemetry, or rotary transformers to receive a signal from the rotating shaft. The latest models of torque transducers also incorporate conditioning electronics and A/D converters.  We offer the best source for torque measurement products with our wide selection and expertise in problem solving and support.

Torque transducers

Our range of torque transducers includes several types such as reaction/non-rotating, rotating non-contacting, and rotating slip ring. Reaction torque transducers are typically used to measure torque loads in applications where sensor rotation isn’t required, or where the sensor only rotates through a limited number of rotations. Some examples of applications for these sensors include valves, actuators, gear reducers, steering gears, and motor or pump torque.

Our rotating torque sensors offer long life and reliability through the use of non-contacting transmission methods and special torque flanges.  We also offer rotating torque sensors that use contact slip ring transmission. This design offers lower cost solutions for torque measurement. Lastly, we can supply models used for torque reference and calibration applications. These transducers include models that meet the highest standards for accuracy and reliability.

Quality manufacturers

We exclusively work with the best suppliers to ensure all of our products meet the highest standards for quality. For instance, our torque transducer products are supplied by leading manufacturers such as HBM and Interface. Some of our other suppliers include Showa, Measurement Specialties, Jewell Instruments, Leine & Linde, and Badger Meter.

Company expertise

At Durham Instruments, we pride ourselves on offering a single source for any quantitative measuring need. We have been in business for 40 years and we have developed a comprehensive offering of products for measurement, data acquisition, and control.