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Strain Gauge Transducers

Durham instruments can supply a wide variety of strain gauge transducers. Our comprehensive selection includes many types such as optical, encapsulated, weldable, heavy duty, residual stress, and crack propagation, among others. They typically consist of an insulating flexible backing with a metallic foil pattern. When attached to a test object, they measure strain by sensing changes in the electrical resistance of the foil caused by deformation.  In addition to these sensors, we can supply many related products such as adhesives, accessories, and protective coatings for strain gauges. Some of the accessories available include cleaning solvents, solder terminals, flux pens, and strain gauge starter kits.

Strain gauge transducers

Some of the different types of strain gauge transducers available include:

  • Double strain gauges with two measuring grids arranged in parallel. These gauges can be used to take measurements on bending beams. They can be adapted with temperature responses for steel, aluminum, or other materials to suit customer specifications.
  • Encapasulated strain gauges are available with stranded connection wire that is Teflon insulated. They are moisture proof and chemical resistant with IP57 protection. These gauges offer signal stability with changing moisture.
  • Pre-wired strain gauges are available that eliminate the need for soldering on the measuring point or able end. These gauges can help save time as measurement can start as soon as they are installed.
  • Crack propagation gauges are available that have grid lines that will tear if a crack extends underneath the gauge. As the crack continues to extend, the strain gauge’s electrical resistance will increase in stages.

For more information on the wide selection of strain transducers available, visit the Durham Instruments website.

Quality manufacturing

We only work with the industry’s best manufacturers. For example, our strain gauge transducers are supplied by renowned companies including HBM. This manufacturer has built a respected reputation for supplying reliable precision transducers. It has been in business since 1950 and is a worldwide market leader.

Company expertise

We have 40 years’ experience supplying a wide range of measuring instruments. We often adapt and customize our products to suit customers’ special requirements. That’s how we are able to serve customers in many diverse industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, forestry, military, and packaging.