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Static Control Material Handling

In a home, static electricity discharges can be annoying and frustrating. In a factory, however, static shocks transform into potential threats to productivity and personnel safety.  EXAIR’s large line of compressed air powered static eliminators are engineered to not only remove that threat but to even increase throughput! Since static charge can build up at every aspect of production, EXAIR has designed multiple static elimination products to fit your need.  Click here.

For situations where even the smallest amount of airflow could disturb the product, EXAIR manufactures two styles of non-air powered Static Eliminators:

  • The Ionizing Point is great for spot neutralization of static charges. Its small size allows it to be easily mounted close to cutting, winding, or slitting operations.
  • The Ionizing Bar can be used for flat materials where the bar can be mounted close to the product.

To dissipate static charge build-up, the affected area should be flooded with both negatively and positively charged ions. When production needs require that the ionizer be mounted further away from the product, the best way to effectively deliver those ions is with a strong stream of air. EXAIR manufactures six air powered ionizers:

  • The Super Ion Air Knife delivers a strong uniform sheet of ionized air to an effective distance of up to 20 feet away from the product!
  • For those with tight budgets, the Standard Ion Air Knife provides a slightly less efficient (although still effective) delivery of ionized air.
  • The Super Ion Air Wipe delivers a ring of ionized air through EXAIR’s Super Air Wipe. It is ideal for eliminating static on extrusion or continuous molding processes.
  • The Ion Air Cannon blasts a focused, conical stream of ionized air up to 15 feet away.
  • The Ion Air Gun is a hand-held static eliminator that provides a narrow beam of ionized airflow.
  • The Ion Air Jet is an effective spot cleaner. It is designed to either be permanently fixed or mounted on EXAIR’s Stay Set Hose to create a station for easy static removal on varying surfaces.

All air powered components are manufactured from sturdy aluminum. Every ionizer consists of sharp, durable stainless steel points that are insertion molded into safe UL rated 94 HB plastic to prevent performance degrading dirt build-up. The power supplies are all UL rated, RoHS certified, and CE compliant. See our static eliminators in action here.

A manufacturer of LCD screens, assembles and packages LCD’s. The LCD’s are covered and uncovered with a protective film throughout the process. The film has a tendency to build up a charge and collect debris. They diminished the static charge in a number of places along the process using Model 7192 Ion Air Cannons.

Every EXAIR Static Eliminator is in stock and backed by EXAIR’s 30 day Unconditional Guarantee as well as our 5 Year Built to Last Warranty. To learn more, click here.