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A wide variety of metal rings, rims, and clamps are available from Johnson Bros Roll Forming Co. We utilize a very unique and highly economical process to manufacture our channel and angle rings. Our company has specialized in roll forming both custom and standard products for close to 70 years. The roll formed products we offer are used in a variety of industries around the world. We are known for creating metal parts of high quality and offering dependable services. When creating custom products, we will work with your team from concept to completion to ensure you get the ideal solution for your requirements.


The rings we supply are often used for spacers, backing, filters, reinforcement, tanks, steering wheels, and more. They are available with a variety of finishes. The use of prefinishes is common when the rings do not require welded joints or end assemblies, as this reduces secondary expenses. Some of the options include plated, anodized, galvanized, polished, aluminized and more. Post finishing services are also available.

Many of our customers choose to join the ends of their rings in-house, but we are capable of performing a number of joining methods when required. We offer welding and extra finishing for creating unseen joints, as well as more economical options such as spot welding with overlaps.

Ring manufacturing process

Our rings are produced in straight length form using continuous coiled wire or flat strip. This roll forming is performed using a series of stations, including both top and bottom dies, to gradually form the shape. These shapes are then run through a ring bending station and come out as vertical spirals or coiled rings, as opposed to being cut to straight lengths using a flying cutoff press.

Next, the spirals pass through an inline press to be cut to the required circumferal length. This method avoids the expensive procedure of secondary bending and re-cutting the straight ends. That’s why our products are so much more economical than rings made from extruded, drawn, pressed, or hot rolled profiles.

Rings industries

Our capability to manufacture a wide range of metal rings allows us to work with a variety of industries. The rings we produce are used for applications ranging from decorative to reinforcement. Just some of the markets we have experience serving include communications, transportation, military, furniture, and lighting.


Johnson Bros. Roll Forming Co.