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Normalizing Service

A&M Heat Treating Ltd will crank the heat up to increase productivity for your business with our normalizing treatment service of parts and components. Our specialized normalization will ensure durability, long product life, and cost-efficiency. Since 1994, we have made a trusted name for ourselves as a leader in effective surface engineering technologies that improve productivity and performance for our customers.

Industries served with strong parts and components

Normalized heat treatment is employed to improve product performance for a wide range of industries such as defense, automotive, aerospace, energy, electrical, healthcare, transportation, construction, metal processing, machine shop and hydraulics, and the growing electronics industry. A&M Heat Treating Ltd ensures the best in strengthening treatment appropriate to the surface material with this time-tested process used to effectively harden ferrous alloys with iron as the main constituent. 

Specialized normalization process

Normalizing provides uniformity in grain size and composition, usually after an alloy has been austenitized and cooled in open air. A temperature between 871 Celcius and 954 Celcius is normally used to homogenize the steel for several hours. We can normalize various grades of forgings including 4140, 4340, 8620, 4130, and 1045 steel. A&M Heat Treating’s expert process has numerous benefits, one of which is that it is generally less expensive than annealing.  A more uniform product is generally produced as a result of normalizing rather than annealing or some vacuum heat treatments. Hardness obtained after the process depends on the cooling speed used which is approximately 100-250 HB and the calculated steel dimension analysis. We use a protective gas to avoid oxidation and decarburization. A&M heat treatment through normalization ensures a predictable microstructure after strengthening the steel’s constituent properties.

A wide selection of heat treatment solutions

We also provide several specialized options for the processing of metals and other materials. Some of our processes include solution annealing, carburizing, carbonitriding, cryogenics, vacuum hardening capabilities, salt bath heat treatment, precipitation aging, stress relieving, metallurgical laboratory service, and normalizing of certain alloys.

An enduring commitment to high quality surface engineering

Contact us to see how we can help you discover how our expertise in normalizing can strengthen your steel product or component for greater and long-lasting performance at an affordable price. A&M Heating is focused on our mission to be a world-class leader in surface engineering. To that end, we exceed our customer’s expectations by providing excellent metal surface treatment processes with consistent high quality products and engineering technologies. Call or visit us online to view our complete service listing or to speak with one of our dedicated representatives today about which processing treatment will best serve your needs.