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Metal Deburring

Vibra Finish Ltd. has three metal deburring methods that can help you remove harmful and pesky burrs from your parts. Burrs damage both your product’s function and aesthetics, making your parts look unprofessional while weakening their performance. We can help you strip away these inconveniences with unique and cost-efficient solutions. Our methods are ideal for mass produced parts, saving you time and money compared to hand-deburring.

Three deburring methods

We provide a range of services and products that can help remove burrs quickly and easily. From cleaners to shot blasting techniques to vibratory finishing, we can provide the solutions you need to get rid of annoying burrs.

We manufacture our own line of cleaners, one of which, the Vibra-Glo L-460, removes burrs effectively in addition to clearing away grease and dirt. Designed to work on aluminum, steel or iron, this solution simultaneously cleans your part’s surface while ensuring a smooth, burr-free finish.

In addition to our cleaning products, we can offer a range of deburring services, including shot blasting. This method shoots beads of steel, glass or ceramic at the surface of your part. When it makes impact, it wears away a layer of material, making your part stronger and also removing burrs.

Finally, both of our tumbling procedures can remove burrs effectively. Barrel tumbling wears away raised burrs by causing the parts to fall into an abrasive media, which chips off the excess material in a burr. Vibratory tumbling uses a more subtle approach, allowing parts to rub against media such as our highly effective ceramics and shaving away burrs.

Constant productivity

Our facilities remain in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This allows us to maintain production and serve our customers no matter the circumstance. We also offer part sampling and keep close communication with our customers during the operating process, which leads to better client satisfaction.

About us

For nearly 45 years, we’ve performed innovative vibratory finishing procedures that have provided smooth, sleek finishes to countless products. Come experience our dedication to quality today.