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Lid Supports

Sugatsune Canada, Inc. lid supports are available for different types of opening. This article focuses on top and upward opening lid stays with unique features, such as dampening or free stop motions, for lids in industrial environments.

S-ATJ: Balance Adjustable Spring-Loaded Lid Stay

The S-ATJ series of heavy duty lid stays has a spring mechanism enabling lift assist for top opening lids of up to 80-degree angle opening. This eliminates user strain when opening heavier lids. The hardware is composed of 430 stainless steel, steel, and polyacetal materials. There is a unique balance adjustment at the side of the lid stay arm, which allows it to be used for flat or L-shaped lids.

The S-ATJ and S-ATJS are available for side mounting, and the S-ATJD is available for back mounting. Inserting a cylindrical object in the lock hole stops the lid from accidental closure. This is particularly useful for lids that should remain open for operation to occur in front of the unit. There is an optional damper, S-ATD, which may accompany the S-ATJ and the S-ATJD for soft closing. Another key feature is a turn of the central top adjustment screw, which allows the user to match the peak torque with the torque moment of the lid.

NSDX-20: Adjustable Soft-down Stay

The NSDX-20 series of lid stays was designed to hold the door in the fully opened position for top opening at angle of 70 or 105 degrees, depending on placement. It may be used individually or in pairs (right- and left-handed) combined with piano, concealed, or butt hinges. The hardware is composed of zinc alloy and steel materials. Additionally, it has a soft closing feature that eliminates finger pinching.

U-3031: Multi-angle Lid Stay

The U-3031 is a ratchet lid stay that holds the lid at multiple angles. The lock is released by a complete opening of the lid. The lid stay is non-handed and has a thin profile to stay close to the sideboard and leave clearance to the inner cabinet.

LSP Series: Lid Stay with Lock

The LSP lid support is for upward opening lids and has a locking feature. The door is automatically locked when fully opened and releases by turning the knob. These non-handed lid stays may be installed individually or in pairs. With high load capacity of up to 30 kg (66 lbs.), the LSP series is ideal for vibration or shock applications.

S-100T30 and S-52T15: Torque Lid Stays

The S-100T30 and S-52T15 lid stays have a free stop torque feature, which is generated by the friction of the metal plates in the disk structure. The angle of opening varies depending on the lid stay placement; however, the free stop range is between 0 to 70 degrees. The minimal profile of these lid stays maximizes the space inside of the cabinet.

Innovative Design Solutions

Since 1930, Sugatsune Kogyo Co. (Japan) has been a trusted source worldwide for developing precision-engineered unique hardware solutions.

In September of 2016, Sugatsune Canada, Inc. was established in Montreal, Quebec to provide a high level of service and local support to Canadian customers.