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Leaf Chain

Leaf chain is available from Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. Leaf chain is the simplest type of steel chain, as it is made up of only link plates and pins. The plates are connected by pins which are designed to resist the shear force from tension loading and also withstand abrasion from the middle plate holes when the chain articulates. In comparison to roller chain, leaf chain offers greater tensile strength and it runs over sheaves as opposed to sprockets. Leaf chain is well suited to applications ranging from hanging and balancing to motion transmission. For instance, leaf chains are often used as the counterweight chains on machine tools, elevators, fork lift truck masts, spinning frames, and more.

Leaf chain

Leaf chain is available in two types: AL type and BL type. BL type is a newer version that features higher strength. BL type is generally recommended, but AL type is suitable when the application does not involve impact loads and wear problems.  BL type leaf chain has the same outside plate dimensions as ANSI STD RS roller chain inner plates, and the plate thickness on BL type chain is the same as on Tsubaki RS roller chain of one size up. In contrast, AL type leaf chain has the same plate configuration, same plate thickness, and similar pin diameter as ANSI standard RS roller chain.

Leaf chain is best suited to applications with chain speeds under 100 feet per minute and less than 1,000 reciprocations per day. For applications that exceed these limits, Tsubaki RS roller chain is recommended.

Company expertise

Tsubaki of Canada Ltd. has been serving the Canadian market with high quality power transmission products since 1973. Our solutions are recognized for helping maximize productivity and minimize downtime. With our wide selection of chain, sprockets, bushings, and more, we can supply the right part for the job.

Industries served

In addition to leaf chain, we supply a variety of chains to suit special requirements and applications. Some examples include anti-corrosive drive chain, drill rig chain, low noise chain, miniature chain, and tunnel freezer chain. As a result, we have experience serving customers from a range of industries.


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