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High-Security Locks

Retail design connects branding and product showcase. To present items aesthetically and functionally, Sugatsune offers shelf standards, locking systems, and glass showcase hardware.

7110: High-Security Cylinder Lock with Round Stem Key

The 7110 lock is intended for frame thickness of 22-24 mm (7/8″-15/16″). The design of the key shaft allows the key to be inserted at any angle, which allows for easy opening. This may be useful for persons with disabilities or visual impairments. Additionally, this key is convenient for environments that are not as accessible, such as in low or high furniture units and darker interiors. This dimple-type key is secure and hard to replicate.

SP series: Shelf Standards and Accessories

Sugatsune shelf standards have notches that correspond to attachable supports and accessories to customize shelving configurations. This makes it easy to change shelf-level heights, such as in the SPH-1820 or SP-1820 shelf standards, made of 304 stainless steel with shelf supports containing rubber pad SPH-20 or SPB-15R, respectively.

The SPE-1820 is a thin shelf standard made of 430 stainless steel available in plain, white, and black finishes. Install shelf supports SPE-FB20S at varying heights with elastomer cover caps SPE-FC20.

The SPHL-1820 is a heavy-duty shelf standard made of 304 stainless steel. Use shelf support SPHL-30 with rubber pad, which provide a gripped surface for glass shelves.

GS-G series: Glass Showcase Fittings

Featuring a glass door lock, hinges, and bracket for total coordination, the GS-G series allows for a flat and seamless design that compliments the items within the showcase. There are three sets available in three finishes each for different sizes of glass doors. This glass showcase hardware can support glass door weight of up to 110 lbs., depending on the model.

There is an easy-installation feature where the hinges and brackets may be held temporarily in place, which makes it possible for one person to install. Simply clip the hinges in place and install the covers for a seamless design. The pivot hinges are meant for inset doors. The brackets may be used for glass to glass or glass to wood configurations.

Innovative Design Solutions

Since 1930, Sugatsune Kogyo Co. (Japan) has been a trusted source worldwide for developing precision-engineered unique hardware solutions.
In September of 2016, Sugatsune Canada, Inc. was established in Montreal, Que. to provide a high level of service and local support to Canadian customers.