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Force Transducers

Durham Instruments can supply a wide range of force transducers. Our selection includes load cells of many types such as OEM, miniature, multi-axis, axial torsion, beam type, dual range, and calibration grade. Load cells are transducers that can convert a force into an electrical output signal. They incorporate strain gauges to sense forces through a mechanical arrangement. Often, a load cell will consist of four strain gauges arranged in a Wheatstone bridge configuration. In addition to offering a complete selection of transducers, we can customize our products to meet the requirements of any application.

Force transducers

The different types of load cells/force transducers available include:

  • Axial torsion types that measure both force and torsion in a single cell. Either capability can also be used independently.
  • Beam type load cells that are used for low capacities and provide good linearity. They have strain gauges bonded to their flat upper and lower sections at points of maximum strain.
  • Calibration grade low profile load cells that offer exceptional precision. They are guaranteed to have nonrepeatability of less than 0.005 per cent.
  • Dual range types that are made up of stacked load cells of lower and higher capacity. The lower capacity cell has overload protection, so these instruments feature high resolution at any capacity level.
  • Force washers are ideal for monitoring forces in applications such as bolted connections and production processes. They can measure static and dynamic compressive forces.
  • OEM load cells offer low cost, high reliability, small size, quiet operation, and fast response time. They are used for a range of consumer, industrial, and medical applications ranging from seat occupancy detection to robotics and medical pumps.

Quality manufacturing

We ensure all of our products meet the highest standards for quality by maintaining a supplier chain made up of renowned companies. Our force transducers are provided by the industry’s best suppliers such as HBM, Interface, and Measurement Specialties.  That means customers can depend on our transducers for reliability, accuracy, and durability.

Company expertise

Durham Instruments has 40 years’ experience supplying a wide range of measuring instruments. We often serve customers in a range of industries including manufacturing, packaging, mining, forestry, medical, aerospace, and power generation.