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Flow Measurement & Control

A wide selection of flow measurement and control products is available from Durham Instruments. We offer flow meters that use a variety of technologies to offer accurate measurement for different applications. They include turbine meters, ultrasonic meters, Coriolis meters, and more. These meters are capable of measuring the flow of a variety of media including liquids, slurries, gasses, and vapours. Our company offers more than 30 years of experience in the instrumentation field. We have instrument specialists who are prepared with the right tools and knowledge to help with customers’ unique requirements.

Flow measurement & control

Our offering of flow meters includes:

  • Coriolis meters that directly measure fluid mass to identify flow rates. They can work over a wide temperature range with high accuracy. They can measure a variety of fluids including slurries or other viscous and non-conductive fluids. These meters are perfect for applications that require high accuracy or where other measurement technologies can’t be used.
  • Differential pressure flow meters use a constriction in the pipe to create a pressure drop across the flow meter. They are well suited to applications such as DP measurement across filters, pipelines, ducts, heat exchangers, and backflow preventers
  • Electromagnetic flow meters have no moving parts and are perfect for wastewater applications or measuring any dirty liquid that is water-based or conductive.
  • Positive displacement flowmeters repeatedly entrap fluid to measure flow. This is the only flow measurement method that directly measures the volume of the fluid passing through the flowmeter.
  • Turbine meters use a rotor to measure the velocity of fluid. They are used in a variety of industries to measure liquids, gasses, and vapours.
  • Ultrasonic flow meters use ultrasonic technology to measure acoustically conductive liquids. Our selection includes ultrasonic meters that use Doppler shift and transit-time technologies.
  • Vortex flow meters use ultrasonic technology to measure vortices in the media as it flows across a strut in the pipe. The number of vortices that form is proportional to the flow rate. These meters offer high turndown ratios of up to 70:1, and high accuracy to 1 per cent of the reading.

Company expertise

Durham Instruments is the one source for expert solutions to any measuring problem. We maintain a superior supplier chain to provide high quality products. We can also adapt and customize our solutions to suit any application.

Industries served

Our wide range of measurement products enables us to work with customers from a variety of industries. Some examples include aerospace, forestry, medical, mining, packaging, and transportation.