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Film Adhesives

Master Bond Inc. epoxy adhesives are the preferred choice over conventional liquid/paste systems and mechanical fasteners for joining diverse substrates. From metals to plastics to ceramics to composites our film adhesives offer impressive bond strength, uniform bond line thickness and controlled flow/minimal squeeze out for reliable performance even under adverse environmental conditions. Master Bond film products can adhere intricate parts precisely in multiple widths/thicknesses to ensure exact alignment in key assembly applications.

Master bond has led the way by developing numerous B-staged epoxy film adhesives with unique characteristics. Our electrically conductive, thermally conductive and electrically insulative formulations feature resistance to heat, chemicals, moisture, vibration, impact, shock. These materials are user friendly, require no mixing, can be laser cut or die cut into custom shapes/performs and cure at moderate elevated temperatures. Our films are engineered to increase manufacturing yields, lower processing expenditures and improve profitability.

Technical Support for Bonding Solutions

Master Bond is committed to helping prospective customers solve difficult bonding problems. We have over 40 years of experience and knowledge in satisfying customer needs. We are proud of our one on one technical support and longstanding relationships with leading aerospace, automotive, electrical, electronic, optical, defense, communication manufacturing companies. Our epoxy film adhesives have contributed to design flexibility which has enabled these manufacturers to offer a competitive advantage by reducing size, weight, while improving durability, safety, energy efficiency, functionality, appearance. Master Bond also has an exemplary record in shortening lead times to meet difficult production schedules.

Popular Adhesive Films

Thermally conductive/electrically insulative Master Bond FL901AO has impressive thermal cycling capabilities. It can be oven cured at one hour at 250°F or 40-45 minutes at 300°F. This Master Bond epoxy film adhesive is serviceable from -100°F to +400°F. Its standard sheet size is 6" x 2" x 0.003" but can be die cut or laser cut to exact specifications. FL901AO has good storage stability when refrigerated. It exhibits excellent stress absorption and can be employed for bonding dissimilar surfaces requiring heat dissipation. Examples include substrate, component, die, heat sink attachment in the assembly of electronic devices.

Silver filled Master Bond film adhesive FL901S has an extraordinary low volume resistivity of less than 1 million ohm-cm. This Master Bond electrically conductive adhesive is a superb thermal conductor and can be used for EMI/RFI shielding. It has a service operating temperature range of -100°F to +500°F. FL901S adheres well to metals, composites, glass, ceramic and plastic substrates. It can also withstand mechanical vibration/shock and chemical exposure.

High temperature resistant Master Bond FLM36 is tough and flexible. It can be heat cured at 350°F in 1-2 hours. This structural adhesive has a tensile lap shear strength of 4,000-4,400 psi. Master Bond FLM36 is black in color, does not require freezing, can be used for joining large surface areas and can be cut into different shapes. It is serviceable from -100°F to +500°F and has superior heat dissipation properties. Elongation for this film adhesive is >50%. Master Bond FLM36-LO is a NASA low outgassing approved version of this film adhesive.

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