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Centrifugal Separators

We offer an impressive selection of spraying and pumping solutions at John Brooks Company Limited, plus valves. Another product group we carry is filtering solutions, including many models of centrifugal separators by LAKOS Filtration Solutions. These devices are commonly used in many applications in the pharmaceuticals, food-processing, chemistry, shipping, power-utilities, and water-treatment industries. These units are driven by the technique of centrifugation, which uses centrifugal force primarily to separate two immiscible substances within one solution.

John Brooks Company offers the following types of LAKOS centrifugal separators:

  • JPX/JPL Standard Efficiency Separators. Recommended for spray-nozzle or small-orifice protection, heat exchangers, pits, sumps, basins, pre-filtration, and waste reduction. No screens or filter elements to clean or replace.
  • eJPX High-Efficiency Separators. A higher-efficiency variation of the JPX, which can remove up to 98 per cent of 44 microns and larger solids in one pass. No moving parts to wear out.
  • PRX System for Enhanced Solids Handling. A complete separation and purging solution. Fully accessible separator with choice of inlet profile and automatic purging options.
  • FrySafe Cooking-Oil Filtration Systems. These centrifugal separators remove crumbs and fines to extend oil life and sustain high product quality. Longer operating cycles between downtime and maintenance.
  • CSX Cooking-Oil Separators. A full-flow, non-oxygenated, low-maintenance filtration solution. Full-flow filtration of the entire cooking-oil reservoir or system. Operates in a pressurized, non-oxygenated environment.
  • ILB/ILS Separators. Visible low-flow-rate filtration solutions that easily remove settling solids from water. No screens, cartridges, cones, or filter elements to clean or replace; no back-flushing.
  • ISF Self-Cleaning Pump Intake Screens. Open-source water intake screens for protecting commercial and industrial pumps and water systems. Saves energy and reduces maintenance.
  • JCX/JBX Systems for Process Cooling Tower Basins. Full-stream, packaged separator systems that reduce blow-down, bio-fouling, and chemical use. Eliminates the need for manual basin cleaning.
  • PWC Municipal Separators. Perfect for public waterworks applications. Removes 98 per cent of all sand-like particles 200 mesh or larger in one pass.
  • Self-Cleaning Screen Filters. Low-maintenance, high-efficiency, high-flow screen filtration in a compact footprint.

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