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For a secure holding of doors, this article features a glimpse of Sugatsune’s collection of non-magnetic catches for architectural and industrial applications. View product page “Magnetic Catches” for magnetic types.

LL-66 and LL-66S: Lever latches

The LL-66 series contains unique lever latches that eliminate the need for handles or knobs. With a counterplate installed at the bottom of the cabinet to align latch body with lever at the backside of the door, the user simply unlatches the lever from the body to disconnect from the counterplate and bring the door forward. Ideally used for cabinets at mid-to-upper reach, with holding force of 20 kg (44 lbs.), these plastic and steel lever latches are an ideal solution to accommodate a contemporary design. The LL-66S series is made of 316 stainless steel for use in high corrosive environments, such as in marine cabinets where saltwater may be present, or in pharmaceutical and medical cabinets where strong disinfectants or high temperatures to prevent contamination may be present.

BCTS-85J: Stainless steel adjustable tension catch

Made of 316 stainless steel for high corrosion resistance, the BCTS-85J is a heavy-duty adjustable tension catch designed for medium-to-large doors. It may be installed at the front or the side of the cabinet or door frame – for example, in a downward opening door in an RV storage bench or in a side-swinging pantry door in a yacht. With electropolished stainless steel, this tension catch has high performance and durability, with a push in force of up to 7.9 kg (17.3 lbs.) A key feature of the BCTS-85J is adjustment screws at the sides of the body with indicator at the front, for weak, medium, or strong retention force. The strike is fabricated in two pieces, which allows 1½-mm distance adjustments to be made to overcome misalignment and is fixed in place when installed to align with catch body. Easily secure your doors in place with the BCTS-85J tension catch.

D-CATCH: Knuckle catch

With catch made of polyacetal and strike made of polyamide in white or black finishes, the D-CATCH has a thin profile with a push in force of 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs.) It grabs and holds small-to-medium-sized doors tightly.

ESN-195-3.1: Non-magnetic mini touch latch

For small applications, such as vehicle compartments, the ESN-195-3.1 is a non-magnetic mini touch latch. With a strong retaining force of 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs.), use this snap-in-type touch latch for sheet metal or wood applications, with separate strike plate, if needed.

MLC-HT130BL: Touch latch for high temperature

The MLC-HT130BL touch latch is suitable for high-temperature (up to 120 degrees Celsius) environments. Ideal for use in industrial or commercial kitchens, as well as laundromats or areas above room temperature. With a long stroke of 40 mm (1-9/16”) when pushed in, the push out force is 1.7 kg (3.7 lbs.), which assists in bringing the door closer to the user. The strike plate is made of two parts, which allows self-adjusting. For high performance, this model has undergone 100,000 open/close cycle tests.

Innovative Design Solutions

Since 1930, Sugatsune Kogyo Co. (Japan) has been a trusted source worldwide for developing precision-engineered unique hardware solutions.
In September of 2016, Sugatsune Canada, Inc. was established in Montreal, Quebec to provide a high level of service and local support to Canadian customers.